Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is Here....

I haven’t posted in a while…… Between the Christmas shopping and trying to sort out all the logistics for the day, it’s been more than a little chaotic!

Yesterday I made Winnie the Pooh Christmas cookies, even decorated them with icing – talk about getting into the spirit.

Will be spending Christmas eve with Hottie and his family and tomorrow morning early I leave for my Dorpie.

Looking forward to spending the next week and half with my folks and basically laze around with a good book and do nothing.

With that, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Hope that it is a blessed and happy time for you and your family.

Ho Ho Ho!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recovery and Birthday Cake

So today I am twenty seven years old – yikes! I am struggling to figure out where the time has gone and how I didn’t realise before that the years are going too quickly!

Anyhoo, yesterday was my birthday party in Harties – what a perfect day! The weather was a bit iffy, but the kids swam and the rest of us lazed around enjoying the day off.

I was spoilt rotten with many beautiful gifts and Hottie did indeed have a Winnie the Pooh cake made for me. He was rather upset though because they didn’t decorate the cake as he had requested. I wasn’t fazed however, thought the cake was beautiful and the trouble he went to was just so endearing!

This morning he woke me up with coffee and two gifts, the rest of the gifts I get to open this evening and he is taking me out for supper – yay!

Speaking of food, at least I now have my appetite back and the nausea has dissipated somewhat. On Monday afternoon Hottie and I went to the Pharmacy for our pre-pregnancy vitamins and walked out there R400 later – ouch!

Have a fantastic day everyone!


Monday, December 15, 2008

If I catch arsehole

On Saturday morning I travelled through to my Dorpie for a farewell party. Hottie stayed behind as he had a potjiekos day with his twin brothers (Male bonding time).

Saturday afternoon, I took my time getting ready and my friend LL came round to the house. We decided to go in her car as there was no point taking both cars and she was staying over at my place anyway.

The party was held at a venue near a dam, quite pretty actually until a huge storm came up and chased everyone inside. It was then that everyone started chatting and getting to know one another.

I was part of a group of about 10 people with roughly 5 or 6 guys. The reason why I am describing this in such excruciating detail is because my drink was spiked.

Due to the fact that Hottie was not with me, I didn't want to over indulge especially amongst people I don't know very well. Of everyone there I knew roughly six or seven people.

I only had one glass of wine and was having a second half glass. I went to the bathroom and came back. That is last thing I remember. LL said that I was acting rather strange and I then got up to go outside. Shortly after that I got sick and didn't stop vomiting.

I have no recollection of how I got home nor of being taken to hospital. I am okay now but feel as though I have been hit by a train. My entire body hurts. Hottie was very upset. He has been a star though.

Thank goodness LL was with me throughout the entire thing or who knows what might have happened. It's going to be a long day but at least tomorrow is a day off and we are going to have a get together in Harties for my Birthday. I am still trying to decide whether I must open my prezzies tomorrow or on my actual birthday on Wednesday.

Guess I will have to see how big they are and perhaps open just one :-)


6 Random Things

The amazing DT tagged me to do a Random Things Meme so herewith 6 random things about me.

1. I am besotted with Winnie the Pooh. I collect all sorts of Winnie the Pooh stuff from pencil cases to clocks. My step dad even brought back a WTP telephone for me from Ireland.

2. I am a perfectionist. My irritability levels rise considerably when I have to put up with incompetence although I manage to hide it well.

3. I used to be a nursery school teacher. I taught 5 year olds for three years before moving over to corporate. Helluva career change.

4. I get jealous of my dad's relationship with my soon to be step sisters. It drives me insane. I realise this is an issue I need to deal with but seriously, some stuff just drives me insane.

5. Hottie and I are going to start trying for a baby around Jan. I more than likely won't fall pregnant the first practice session so ja.

6. I have cat napped the neighbours cat. Well Hottie says so. Have named her Socks and every night she pops into the house to say hi and get some loving. Put milk out for her every day too. Hottie says that pretty soon she will just move in.....

Okay so I tag Po, Blondie, Baglett

The Rules:
- Link to the person who tagged you.
- Write six random things about yourself.
- Post the rules on your blog.
- Tag people at the end of your post and link to them.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I can't believe it.

I received devastating news a little while ago.... One of my really good guy friends tried to commit suicide last night.

Cannot tell you how angry and hurt I am that he would do something like that. He has two beautiful little boys and recently got a job he had been waiting his whole life for.

And this all because of a woman. A woman he loved with his entire being. She left him a month ago.

Suicide in general is a very delicate topic with me because of my brother's story (Will explain one day). Although his case may or may not have been suicide, it's still raw , even after 9 years.

My friend knows this. He held my hair whilst I threw up from anxiety attacks a year after my brother died. He walked the road with me. He knows how I hurt back then and still do hurt.

I am terrified my friend is going to try it again.

Apologies for the horribly morbid post. Just sad that's all.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

You going to do what?

On Saturday I plan to chat to my dad about having a baby out of wedlock. A planned baby out of wedlock. Gone are the days of me considering myself to be normal. This is in no way a normal situation… *sigh. I figure my Dad will have either two reactions; 1) Completely freak out and disown me or 2) support me and be understanding…. Talk about stressful!

In other news, Hottie asked me yesterday what I would like to do for my birthday. To be honest I don’t usually do much. We are having a small get together with friends the day before on the 16th (Public holiday), but other than that not really bothered.

As a joke I said I would like a birthday cake as I haven’t had a birthday cake in almost 6 years – yes, the child in me still pop’s out every now and then. Earlier he sent a message that my cake has been ordered… Ahhhh

Am heading off to my “Dorpie” on Saturday for a farewell party and some time with the folks. Looking forward to the visit and catching up on the local gossip. Have no doubt that there has been a fair amount of gossip about me too…

One of the cleaners in our office came past my desk earlier and remarked at how much weight I have picked up.

Tay: Afternoon, how are you?
Cleaner Lady: Hello sweety

After a pause, I notice she is checking me out from head to toe.

Cleaner Lady: Eish, you are getting big neh?
Tay: Erm, excuse me?
CL: “You… You are eating too much” *Shakes head in disapproval
Tay: It’s just the skirt I am wearing, makes me look big!

She scuttled off, still clucking away at the disgust of it. I am not amused.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Porno Flapjacks and Winnie the Pooh

Yesterday I got home and found 2 huge packets on my bed, with Hottie standing in the doorway grinning. The packets held the baby clothes that the MIL had bought. All I could manage to say was ahhhhhh. The little socks are so tiny and there were even little Winnie the Pooh outfits (I am besotted with Winnie the Pooh)

Afterwards I decided I felt like flapjacks for dinner, weird I know! Hottie was chuffed and helped out making the batter, comical to say the least. Eventually we ended up making ‘porno’ flapjacks. It was too much fun!

Our Christmas tree is up, looks very pretty. We even have two Christmas stockings up on the wall, hee hee!

Hottie sent me a note yesterday saying that I must book leave for the last week in February as we are going away. The only clue he will give me is that we are going to the coast….mmmmm curiosity is killing me… will have to do some serious blackmailing to get it out of him *wink!
Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weekend update and baby stuff

I am exhausted. I know everyone is feeling like this – it’s that time of year. Really cannot wait for my leave though.

On Thursday, Hottie and I joined the crowd at the Best Friend’s house for poker night! I was made fun of for bringing eats and apparently they were taking bets as to whether I would or not… I was however highly amused when everyone started eating the snacks. (Not my fault the hostess didn’t make provisions)

Kicked arse at poker this time, although must admit I kinda still don’t really know what I am doing.. Got rather inebriated and poor Hottie had to put up with me singing “I am the champion” all the way home at 1am Friday morning.

Felt like shit the next day and had to host another work function – was torture to say the least… By 9pm Friday night, I was bruised, battered and unable to move which lead to me falling asleep on the couch - again.

Saturday we went to a birthday party. The Best Friend’s Son was celebrating his 7th birthday and had pirates as a theme – too cute! The day was also bizarre though. The Wife really upset me at times. She bitched and moaned throughout the entire party and I ended up doing most of the stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t mind helping out. I just think that there are some things a mother should do. (I am not yet a mommy so am open to correction). Things like, being with everyone when we sang happy birthday and talking to the little boy who complained of a tummy ache….

The final straw came whilst we were sitting outside and she moaned about how this was the last time they would have a party for The Son at home and that in future she will have the party at a restaurant. Quote: “The last few times he had a party I was high so I didn’t really give a shit”. Nice. I was not impressed.

In other news, my future mother in law went berserk in a baby shop and bought tons of baby stuff… Premature? I think so! Not even pregnant yet. However, appreciate that she is so excited and that she was so thoughtful.


Ps. 8 days until my birthday!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snapper turtles and Circumcision

Last night Hottie and I were lazing on the couch watching animal planet. The said programme was about a dude (think he may be safrican) on a mission to find the biggest snake in the world. Normally I would change the channel in an instant as I detest snakes (Any reptile for that matter), but it seemed interesting enough and Hottie was rather involved in the whole episode.

The snake dude travelled to Borneo to find his snake... ahem I mean 'the' snake, which was a reticulating python something or other. The drama unfolded as he walked through the forest and along a river where he came upon ahem.... stumbled upon, a snapper (snapping?) turtle.

At that precise moment, SG phoned me and loudly screamed into the phone to put on Animal Planet:

SG: "Switch to Animal Planet QUICKLY!"

Tay: Erm, Hi SG! I am watching Animal planet, why?


Tay: Yeah quite a big one hey? *scratches head in confusion

SG: It's head looks like a PENIS, an uncircumcised PENIS! Whaaaa haaaa

Tay: WTF?

From there on it was fits of giggles, whilst Hottie looked on in complete fascination. Of course it didn't help matters when the penis turtle moved it's erm.... 'head' in and out.

Never quite thought Animal Planet would be as entertaining....


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another general update

Had an eventful weekend which consisted of another fantastic dinner out with Hottie (Oi, diet is going to have to start in January). Saturday morning was spent roaming around for Christmas presents and then we set off for Harties!

His parents have a beautiful place in Hartebeespoort Dam and it truly feels as though one is on holiday when you go out there. We swam and lazed around in the sun with many a gin & tonic. The baby sisters and I spent some time bonding too. I now have Hanna Montana tattoo's stuck all over my back....

After a chinese braai and some family interaction, Hottie and I challenged each other to a few rounds of pool (i won once, he won like 20 times). By midnight I was rather tipsy and full of chocolate cake - a fun evening!

Hottie has a spasm in his back (No.... this was not my doing) so he has been booked off for 2 days. Shame the poor guy is in agony. I am not much better, have stomach cramps from hell!

Off the topic, I cannot wait to see my folks. It has been a while since I was homesick. Not sure if that's what it really is, just looking forward to seeing my folks and spending time at "home".

Tomorrow is GM's (the ex) birthday. I have already written a draft of the email I plan to send. Actually clicking the send button tomorrow morning may be another problem all together.


PS# 14 days until my birthday :-)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Skype Chatter with Hottie

Earlier on Hottie and I were having a smoke and discussing a dude who went for the "snip". I jokingly said that Hottie would have to face it one day too.... knowing well enough this would disturb him. Herewith follows our skype chatter..

Hottie: Look I know I said I would do anything for you but don’t you think taking my manhood is taking it a bit far?
Tay: Hee hee, relax babe. It's not like it's happening tomorrow.
Hottie: Makes no difference I now know what you planning for me
Tay: Don't worry. Your balls will be fine, many men go through it!
Hottie: Yeah I know they will be fine, fine sitting in a jar somewhere.
Tay: Oh…. thought they feed them to the fishies
Hottie: Hey hey show some respect… sis on you
Tay: They don't remove your balls babe
Hottie: I know, but still, it’s like having a bag of marbles with no marbles in
Tay: Your bag and its marbles will still be there sweetheart. They just snip something or other
Hottie: OK let’s stop talking about this I think they can hear us because I’m starting to get funny pains down there
Tay: That's hysterical!!!!

10 minutes later:

Tay: How are your balls?
Hottie: They have shriveled up so much I thing they are sitting in my throat
Tay: Ag no. Seriously not that bad **wink wink**
Hottie: I’m having cold sweats here. Yes it is that bad! Firstly there are going to be people looking at my package while I’m out cold and secondly I’m going to be shooting blanks after that. Have you seen what happens to cowboys in the movies when they shoot blanks THEY DIE!!!
Tay: You should be chuffed at the fact that nurses will be looking at your erm, package.....

We pretty much went for another smoke after that - the stress was unbearable for poor Hottie!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Move in ....move out?

My week started off with management training hence the lack of posting. The course was awesome however, my boss was attending with me and this proved to be somewhat challenging. You see, he is still barely able to walk and on crutches after the motorbike accident he had in August. Enter Nurse Tay….. I was the chosen one!

I had to carry around his crutches and pour him tea and make sure he had serviettes and open his files….. the list goes on. Am positive this isn’t in my job description! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind helping people in need but seriously, thank goodness he didn’t have a bell to ring or I would have considered jumping off the balcony! His poor wife….

In other news…. I am confused. Not sure what has happened to me the last few days. Hottie and I are in a funny place. He has been staying at my place for almost 3 weeks now and in general things have been going pretty well. Minor domestic spats about toothpaste and dishes but other than that it has been nice having him around.

The problem is, it’s getting too comfortable and we both agreed that he should be at his place at least 2 days of the week too. This has made me feel kak though! Although I enjoy my space and my home, the thought of him not being around is shit! Also, it’s a bit soon for him to be moving in….. I think. Crap! Not sure what I want right now.

On Saturday, Hottie and I went to SG’s birthday – great fun! I had far too many Cosmo’s and it wasn’t long before the girls and I were on a role! Everyone liked Hottie which was a relief, but expected I guess.

I still need to finish my Christmas shopping! Hottie will be dressing up as Father Christmas for his baby sisters on Christmas eve – sweet!! Perhaps I should look into find a naughty elf costume… just saying, hee hee!

Come on Friday, Novemberitis has set in completely!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Rambling on...

Eeek, a whole week and only one post – what a disgrace! It has been such a chaotic week, between work, hospitals and running around with Hottie.

I have started reading the book “What to expect when you are expecting” – an awesome read for any mother to be. Little thoughts have started popping into my head though, like what if I am a shit mom or will I be able to provide everything my (Sorry, OUR) baby needs?

Hectic thoughts trust me. I haven’t managed to speak to my dad yet, which is frustrating the hell out of me. Someone said to me yesterday “Why don’t you just get pregnant and then tell your dad?” Not sure really. Maybe because it’s the honourable thing to do in terms of telling him first?

Anyhoo, this morning on the way to work, a Merc drove past me with a huge sticker on the bumper saying “ Look what Jesus gave me” erm….. this bugged me. Surely people aren’t shallow enough to believe that if you have faith or belong to a certain religion, you receive a nice car? I’m just saying…..

The weekend ahead is another busy one. In fact, I only have one free weekend until January. Tonight, Hottie and I are going to grab a movie and dinner. I have not been to a movie in nearly 5 years (Don’t ask). Tomorrow it’s birthday gift shopping for Hottie’s baby sister and Stepfather followed by a Birthday party for my friend SG.

Sunday, we are off to the farm and I get to hang with chickens and pigs and geese and stuff, hee hee!

Completely off the topic…. My mom and I have been building a garden of remembrance for my brother who died 9 years ago. The plaque we had done at the local church was stolen (Shocking) so we decided to build our own garden with our own plaque. Yesterday we were getting quotes from people who have been family friends for years and would you believe these people were trying to rip us off. Eventually, my mom found a guy who was so touched by her story that he offered to do it for half the cost. Bless him!

Will explain the story of my brother another day! For now, it’s Friday and I am working half day! Off to a department lunch at 13h00!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Monday, November 17, 2008

A whole lot of everything

What an eventful few days – yikes! Friday started out with our year end function which was a success although not without the occasional disaster here and there. Some employees got so drunk that quite honestly I was disgusted. The one lady even started swearing and cursing at the poor barman and promptly told the guy she is a manager in the company and he is only a barman – WTF?

On Saturday Hottie left early to sell his bike and I woke up to coffee and a gift box….. Inside I found 4 silver bangles (I have been after these for months)… how sweet! Went on a complete shopping spree Sat morning and two handbags, three pairs of shoes, a new purse and 4 dresses later, I got home to prepare for our friends joining us for a braai, rugby and a few rounds of 30 Seconds!

Had an absolute ball and overindulged somewhat in the Gin, but laughed my arse off at the very pregnant Best Friend’s wife whose arms were flying all over the place trying to explain words.

Sunday morning we were off to a family gathering with my dad’s side of the family. My cousins…. Dumb and Dumber attempted to show their faces but one could see it was painful for them to be around family of any sort over a weekend.

The whole reason for the get together was for my Great Aunt who had come to visit for a few days. She lost her husband almost a year ago and I was flabbergasted when I saw her. She is now so tiny and frail. The worst fucking part is that at 03h00 this morning she slipped and fell, breaking her hip and leg and the dear old lady is now lying in hospital.

Hottie and I are off to see her in a bit. Feel terrible for her especially since she was so nice to us yesterday and quite taken with Hottie. In fact everyone was taken with Hottie, even Dumb and Dumber who apparently thought he was “cool” enough to chat to…..

The test results came back. There are a small amount of cells that are present but should be treatable with medication – no operation necessary *sigh.
That said, it looks as though Hottie and I will start trying for a baby in March.
We just need to get past my dad first……


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Future Mommy in the making..

I must apologise for not posting the last while. It has been a shitty few days, both personally and work wise!

Will start with Friday’s appointment. I am okay (I think). Mr Gynae was satisfied with my progress after the last op and my test results are due on Friday *wipe forehead nervously*.

HOWEVER….. (Start dramatic music) Mr Gynae sat me down and had a long chat to me about the future of my va-jayjay. Basically I am high risk. There is no guarantee that I will not get sick again although I may be fine. The clincher however is that because of the severity of my last operation, I may have complications in pregnancy. To add insult to injury, should I fall ill again, that’s it – almost certain hysterectomy.

In a nutshell: Don’t get pregnant soon and stand the chance of never having kids. Or fall pregnant….. (Again that tequila is sounding pretty good now). Thing is I really REALLY want to be a mom and in 4 weeks I turn 27…. Yes I am still young but apparently my vajay-jay isn’t!

Hottie was with me after the appointment and later that evening we chatted about what Mr Gynae said. It was then that he promptly turned around and said: ”Well then lets get pregnant. I know you are the woman I am going to marry soon anyway”. It would be an understatement to say I choked on the wine I was drinking and then sat there speechless for an undetermined amount of time. WTF????

The rest of the weekend was followed by watching rugga at the Keg, where for the first time in my little life, I won stuff just because I was drinking gin and dry lemon – whoop whoop!! On Sunday Hottie arrived at the house with two gifts. The first was the book “What to expect when you are expecting” and the second a beautiful set of white gold earrings! Ahhhhhhh

The rest of the week has been work work work and finalising all the details for the year end function I had to put together in a week for 300 people. The theme is a beach party (Not my choice for the record). Decided I am going to hire a hawain girls outfit – just for shits and giggles!


PS. Thank you to all those for the kind messages and comments! Mwah!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Anyone have a bottle of tequila handy?

Holy crap I am a ball of nerves right now. Sitting here in my mom's kitchen, watching the time tick by until I have to go to the gynae... 11h30 it is!

I am not happy and would gladly grab a bottle of anything right now just to calm my nerves.

Wish me luck and hold thumbs that all goes well.


Ps. Apologies for not posting the last 2 days... had 14 hour work days - not fun!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Very First Meme

Yay for me!!! I received my very first tag from the popular and much loved Angel! Herewith my random thoughts originally started by Cath

Word for the week in my head… PMS – I am suffering this month and have turned into a bitch from hell. The usually friendly, smiling Tay is snarling at everyone.

Thought for the week in my head… I may need to make a huge career decision and I am not sure which way to go. Don’t want to shoot myself in the foot and the office politics is rife…

Thing for the week in my life…… Going to the gynae on Friday for my check up. This is stressing me out somewhat. You can read about the details here.

Song for the week in my head…..Hometown Glory (Adele). It usually plays whilst I am on my way to work, which inevitably leads to me turning my radio up loud and singing at the top of my lungs. Hey at least I am providing entertainment to people sitting in traffic.

Food for the week in my belly…. Healthy stuff. This morning I had muesli and yogurt for breakfast. I am trying to lose a few kilo’s for the holidays which actually is rather pointless seeing as I am going to stuff my face over Christmas…

Colour for the week in my life… Erm, green. I am redoing my bedroom and decided to go with green and brown, not very original I know.

Smile for the week on my face is…. Hottie, who continues to amaze me with every little thing he does. He made another fantastic dinner last night! I really am lucky to have him around :-)

Blessing for the week in my heart… That I have an amazing family who supported me throughout the break up with GM and tried to help as much as possible when I had to begin all over again. That I was fortunate enough to meet Hottie and last but not least the people that read my blog – Mwah!

So, I need to tag people and don't know many bloggers that well. Forgive me if it pisses you off *Tay smiles sweetly*

I tag: Ms Blonde Blogshell , Dance Floor Tragedy , Kab, Ches

Monday, November 3, 2008

This and That

What a weekend! Friday night I was pooped! Hottie dozed on the couch whilst I watched Tv – nothing major. I was however highly pissed off when awoken by my phone ringing at 02h45 Saturday morning. It was work with some or other emergency – not cool.

Left early Saturday morning for my day at the Spa. What an experience! I am addicted! Enjoyed every single moment of it accept the head massage. The large amount of oil that was poured onto my head freaked me out somewhat and because I have long hair, it hurt. Won’t be doing that one again.

Got the most hectic headache towards the end of the day and seriously thought I was going to chuck in the car! Apparently this is normal – detox or something. Hottie arranged supper and before long I was feeling fine. (Not sure if this was as a result of the headache tablet or Hottie being in the vicinity)

Yesterday, I was adopted. Hottie has two dogs – a small little foxy like girly who is very much the lady and another bigger male doggie (pavement special). They have been staying with his folks because he is never around. Seeing as for the last 2 weeks I have been bitching about not having any canine companionship, he offered his puppies for protection (Sweet).

Yet another surprise awaited me this morning. Unbeknownst to me, Hottie has taken Friday off to be around for support when I go for my check up! Really very thoughtful, especially since I bit off his head yesterday for leaving a wet towel on the floor – suffering severe PMS this month. Honestly, I am acting like a deranged person half the time!

4 more sleeps…. Urgh!


Friday, October 31, 2008

Not Much...

Yesterday I went to visit my dear friend LA, who welcomed a baby boy into the world 5 weeks ago. Hottie went with me as he knows LA’s hubby and they wanted to have a beer and catch up too!

I couldn’t believe how good she looks and it was awesome to catch up with my dear friend. Her little boy is adorable and sooooo good. I am broody as hell now….

Anyhoo, Hottie and I did the pizza thing last night but after dinner I was pooped and promptly fell asleep on the couch – how embarrassing! He wasn’t perturbed in the least though and eventually woke me up to go and get into a bath he had run – bath bubbles and all!

The office bitch made a complete pig of herself at lunch today (I arranged pizza for the team). It was disgusting and she outdid most of the men. You should have seen the look on their faces when she went back for seconds and then picked a piece of sausage off one guy’s pizza. I thought he was going to strangle her.

YAY! Tomorrow I get to go to the Spa! Hottie sent me a note with all the details;

Hot stone or Swedish full body massage (Forgive me for being so ill informed but what the hell is a Swedish massage? **frown)
Strawberry facial Massage
Indian head massage
Hydrating honey butter hand treatment
Pampering foot treatment (This is going to be amusing, not big on people going near my feet **Feet twinge nervously)

Ahhhhh, I could get used to this life!

Happy Halloween and enjoy the weekend!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stalker Alert….

So…. There is this dude in my office who is freaking me out completely.
He started here roughly a month ago and at first I barely noticed him.
“The Stalker” obviously had other ideas….

It started subtly at first. We would greet each other in passing or when making coffee in the kitchen. Within a week, stalker was waiting for me in the mornings when I arrived at work and would then promptly offer to carry my laptop……I wasn’t too worried the first time it happened, thought it purely coincidental. However this has now been happening every fucking day this week. *Shudder*

He waits for me when I am leaving in the afternoons too and has now developed the annoying habit of following me when I go outside to have a smoke. Hottie is not amused of course and caught the stalker checking out my derrière yesterday. (Too funny)

Thing is “The Stalker” is married, fat and balding….. not exactly your catch of the month!
Hottie has now undertaken to be my body guard *grin* and every time “The Stalker” attempts to get close and sees Hottie, he does a quick detour…. Hysterical!

Anyhoo, 7 more days until my visit to the poen doctor – urgh! I have mentally prepared myself for both possible options (My ulcer has awoken from the dead in the process). Option A - Everything is fine and I am in the clear (Have MANY celebratory drinks). Option B – I need another op and should REALLY start a family soon. (Have MANY drinks to curb the shock).

I am so excited about my trip to the spa on Saturday. Have rather an embarrassing confession to make though. I have never EVER been to a spa nor have I ever had a professional massage. It’s going to be a first for me and I really cannot wait.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kak Funny

Yes I have a warped sense of humour....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Office Bitch

What is about the corporate world that no matter where you work or for whom, guaranteed there is always an office bitch!

They are nosy as hell, always trying to nail your arse and permanently pissing off those around them.

I have dubbed the one in our office “Nazi” and believe you me this little cow lives up to her name.

How she made it into our division is beyond me, although there was some talk about her sleeping with the boss. I have tried to be nice, ignore her but nothing seems to work. The mere sight of her in the mornings is enough to make me want to climb the walls.

We dare not eat in front of her or take out our lunch because true as shit she will come begging for your one and only muffin. She shouts and screams at the top of lungs and is now on her third office phone due to the thing being thrown around and manhandled.

If I have to hear one more time how broke she is I will shit myself… She whines….. a lot!

The worst is that she has the boss wrapped around her finger and he is grooming her for a higher management position **gag**. She gets away with murder and everyone else is so shit scared of her.

I am bitching this morning, I know. I just have never had an individual irritate me as much as this one.

In other news, Hottie cooked me supper again last night (this is becoming a habit) and has booked me into a spa for a 4 hour pampering session on Saturday….. bless him!


Friday, October 24, 2008

The Dummies Guide to Torturing Yourself…

So yesterday was a complete fuck up. I got to the house and was met by puppy at the gate.

I could not stop crying and am pissed off with myself for being so weak.
The Ex tried to explain the reasoning behind changing the locks and when I informed him of what steps I would take in future concerning the house, he backed off.

Again there was neither maliciousness nor any screaming. He had packed my things already and then threw in a clanger. “I know you have a new boyfriend”!

Well…. am I being stalked, spied on? WTF???? Again he asked me why I did this (walked out on a 4 year relationship) and again I explained why. Pointless going round in circles so I ended the conversation.

I bade puppy farewell whilst sobbing my heart out and walked away. I have barely slept and my eyes still feel like they are glued together. Guess I will only get stronger from here on.

In other fucked up news…. I mistakenly called Hottie by the Ex’s name. Needless to say he was not impressed and to some extent very hurt.
I tried to explain that it’s out of habit …..but seriously I could have kicked myself – hard.

Anyhoo, tomorrow is the rugby final which I am so looking forward to. Not sure whether Hottie and I will still be going to the gathering that was planned, but either way I intend to have a good time.

For tonight I am going to lounge in front of the Tv (Yeah, the satellite I connected) and relax with some vino and popcorn.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Ps. GO SHARKS!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


In 15 minutes I leave to go and fetch the remaining and final things from the home I shared with GM. It is also the final time I see puppy.

I feel like fucking shit and have a pit in my stomach. The jerk changed the locks as well and hence I will be escorted through the house.

This fight is not over. He started mud slinging when I was trying to be nice. Bad move buddy.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Technical Genius

My dad moved in with his fiancé a while back and seeing as they had double of almost everything, he gave me his DSTV decoder. Yesterday I decided that I would get the thing up and connected so that I could finally start watching all my fav programmes again…

The entire sequence of events as follows:

1. Phone Customer Care to have account activated. This conversation lasts a total of 20 minutes, 5 of which was spent talking to a machine.

2.After I have been assured account is activated, I inspect decoder only to establish that darling daddy did not give me a power cable…

3. Lock up house and jump into car, rush to the shop down the road.

4.Get to the shop and am confronted with the most intellectually challenged female I have ever met *frustration increases*.
Tay: “Hi there, do you perhaps sell power cables for a Dstv decoder?”
Dumb chick: “Uh …… uh…… uh…… I fink maybe, let me check the list” **Tay smiles sweetly*
DC: “I carn’t find it by my list, let me call the manger” *Tay still smiles sweetly*

5. The manager eventually comes to my rescue and brings me the damn power cable.

6. As I am turning into the driveway at home, Hottie’s car is parked in the driveway **YAY!
He offers to cook dinner for us because I insist that I am fully capable of installing a stoooopid decoder.

7. Hottie is in the kitchen and Tay is connecting the satellite Tv – roll reversal, I think so.

8. After I am satisfied with putting all the “in” cables in the “out” sockets or whatever, I switch the Tv on in a moment of glory and …………. Nothing.

9. Hottie offers to have a look , I give him the “If you come near this decoder you will feel the wrath of Tay” stare.

10.Phone the customer care line, speak to machine for five minutes and finally a technician dude tries to assist me. He makes me change settings, pull out connections and………….nothing. After 32 minutes of chatting to customer care dude he tells me to call in a certified installer.

11. I am seriously miffed by this stage and pour myself some Vino while Hottie quietly observes from the kitchen.

12.Eventually I relent and Hottie inspects my handiwork. He finally has a brainwave and decides to change a few connections because he is convinced the previous tenant confused the cables.
TA DA….. satellite Tv is working, for about 30 seconds.

13. I again call customer care, speak to the fucking machine and finally, finally they activate my account. Voila – I have Satellite television.

My shattered nerves……


Ps# Supper was absolutely divine!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Custody Battle

I am so fucking pissed off right now! I am not in the mood for this Monday or the bitches in the office or the fact that my phone won’t stop ringing.

The clincher however is GM. When I moved out and we spent the day packing my things, we discussed the house and the Puppy. Because the house is in both our names, we each own 50%. The saying goes: “Don’t kick a horse when it’s down” thus I agreed to let GM stay in the house and we made arrangements concerning payments etc.

We also discussed puppy and the custody agreement - I get to have puppy stay over one weekend a month. (Bizarre, I know).

This morning I managed to get hold of him (after he has been ignoring me for the week) only to be told not to contact him at all or attempt to see him. He has asked security at the complex not to let me in without him accompanying me. This in essence means I cannot fetch Puppy nor can I drop her off. When I questioned him about this, his response was: “I don’t want to see you and I think it’s best if you leave Puppy alone too”.

I get that the guy is hurt and that I left him. However, I am not without feelings and leaving him has gutted me too. It’s not easy walking away from dreams or aspirations you shared with someone for 4 years. I also get that he needs space. I am just pissed off that he is using Puppy as ammo.

You might think it’s just a dog……but Puppy is something more.

Not sure what the hell I am going to do now.


Friday, October 17, 2008

A Flush What?

Last night Hottie and I had dinner with his friends. Well… what an entertaining evening to say the least!

Breakdown as follows:

The Best Friend: A small guy who got married because he had to and is due to be a father in 2 months time. He got his wife pregnant 3 times of which on all 3 occasions she miscarried until now. (Super sperm – I think so)

The Best Friends Wife: Heavily pregnant and completely his opposite. She is friendly and outgoing but tends to be highly insecure, which at first I attributed to the pregnancy, but was later told this is how she is – all… the…. time. She has a son from a previous relationship and this beautiful little boy has ADHD.

The Other Best Friend: Complete introvert who is going prematurely bald. He is super clever and doing his doctorate in pharmacology. He has a dodgy, young girlfriend. Hottie says that they have been together for ages and have a severe love hate relationship. He basically keeps her around because he’s worried he will never get laid again or find a companion……

The Other Best Friend’s Girlfriend: Young, immature and rude. The silly bitch arrived at the house in a mini and shiny tank top with killer stiletto’s…… we were having a braai….??? Was kak funny every time her heels planted themselves firmly in the ground, making her stumble several times.

We eventually decided to play poker (my knowledge of this card game is dismal) and I won twice. Still not grasping the whole flush, king high, blah blah….. but am determined to get the hang of it for the next poker night. I fully intend to kick some poker arse!!!!!

Anyhoo, Silly Bitch started getting a tad loud – her laugh sounded like a hyena with a twig up its arse. Hottie was getting visibly annoyed as was her boyfriend and the rest of the crowd. It was after Silly Bitch called Hottie “My Chicken” and offered to repay him in any way for a loan of chips, that he called it a night…..

Have been calling Hottie “Chicken” at every opportunity, much to his disgust *grin*

Happy Friday!!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Conversation with Dad

My dad travels a lot, mostly to the Cape for 4 days at a time. Usually he loves these trips and sends me quirky little text messages about how he is walking on the beach and having a beer at the local pub.

Yesterday however was a whole different story:

Tay: Hey dad, how are you?

Dad: Tay? Tay? Can you hear me? I am in the CAPE!
T: That’s great dad, how is the trip going? I haven’t heard from you in a while.
D: “Uh, um I cut the trip short and am on my way to the airport” (classical music blaring in the back round)
T: Dad, turn the music down, I can barely hear you!
D: You are breaking up Tay, STAND STILL!
T: *taps fingers on desk*, “Is something wrong? Why are you coming back early?”
D: “Da Da…. Da Da…, I have a meeting tomorrow morning early in Rivonia. Have you bought a bed yet? Can I bunk with you for the night?”
T: Dad, you know I haven’t bought a bed yet, otherwise you could have stayed with the greatest of pleasure”
D: “Oh (mild disappointment), thought I would take a chance anyway”
T: “Sorry Dad”
D: “Okay Tay, got to go, chat soon” *Click

And here I thought he called because he missed me – HA! Phone call no.2 at 19h30 last night:

T: Hey Dad, how is it going?
D: “ Hello my darling daughter, how are you? (thumping music in the back round)
T: “Dad, where are you? Jozi?
D: “I am in Port Elizabeth, having a drink in a pub and thought I would call because I miss you and this travelling is kak! I miss home and my fiancé’
T: Erm… Dad, I thought you said you were heading back to Jo’burg? And why not call your Fiancé’?
D: “Couldn’t find a place to stay in Jo’burg and you don’t have a bed (annoyed). Fiancé’ is not answering her phone. I miss her” **Music gets louder and people are giggling
T: Dad, are you alone?
D: “Tay, don’t be ridiculous, of course I am alone!” **Giggling reaches ear bursting levels.
T: "I will see you this weekend when I come through to fetch the rest of my stuff”
D: “Oh yay, miss you my darling daughter”
T: "I am your only daughter…."
D: "Okay Tay, got to go, Fiancé’ is calling, see you Saturday, Bye”

I feel so used…..


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Secret

When I still lived in my little dorpie, I regularly had my check up’s at the gynaecologist and although I pretty much cringed throughout the entire ordeal, at least I knew that majority of the time I was healthy and my poen was normal.

I then moved to the city and the thought of having another strange guy dig around in my bits was too much so I kept postponing, for like 2 years! In May this year I was in my dorpie for a week and decided to get my check up’s done, just for peace of mind. Well that fucking didn’t happen.

Within 2 days of having my poen inspected by Doctor “Open wide”, I found myself being prepped for surgery. It all happened rather fast and when the words Cervical Cancer were mentioned I nearly had a heart attack.

That said, half my cervix was chopped out and I was advised to start thinking about starting a family…. Heavy fucking stuff! When I spoke to GM about it and discussed all the detail, he appeared worried, but not overly concerned. That bugged me.

This overly personal confession is going somewhere….. I have to go back for my check up in 3 weeks time and I am fucking terrified. Not in any way prepared for what may or may not be found again.

The fact is I am single now and if Doctor “Open Wide” gives me bad news, well erm, what then? Google sperm banks? I want nothing more in this world than to become a mother and if he tells me I can’t, I am going to be seriously miffed.

Perhaps I should start looking for a potential sperm donor. Hottie comes to mind instantaneously and the advantage there is that I could do it the natural way :-)

Mmmmmm, heavy thoughts for this time of the morning. Going to join Hottie for coffee and a smoke *wink*


Monday, October 13, 2008

Bonding with Elephants / Other Mammals

Another Monday – urgh! Although I haven’t worked a full week since September, I am drained and seriously need a holiday away, as in FAR AWAY!

The weekend was awesome. On Saturday, we went to the elephant sanctuary in Hartebeespoort. Hottie was on a mission and determined to make the day a memorable one; he really went out of his way to make everything special :-)

I bonded with an ellie named Kumba, her eyes fascinated me! Every now and then she would wrap her trunk around me, which I found so endearing. As huge as they are, they really are such soft hearted animals.

After that, Hottie treated me to an outstanding breakfast at a quaint little restaurant near the dam. It was a good opportunity to get to know one another and I must admit I like what I see. What should have been an afternoon round of drinks with friends at my place later, turned into a full on braai with copious amounts of booze and I was treated to some bubbly…. Too much fun!

After everyone had left, Hottie and I were left to entertain ourselves….. erm well... Enough said. The next morning I was awoken by the smell of bacon and eggs – yes ladies and gentlemen, he made me breakfast!

As the weekend drew to a close, I decided to treat myself to a face mask and watch a movie.

Note to self: when deciding to watch a tear jerker such as “Atonement”, DO NOT wear said face mask as inevitably it will land up in your eyes and smeared all over the place…..

Happy Monday *sigh*


Monday, October 6, 2008

Domestic Bliss

I am loving my new little place and have had an absolute ball buying crap to furnish it. Ah the sweet joys of buying things just because you can...The guest room looks like a bomb has hit it but will work through it systematically as I find the time.

Friday evening I had drinks and dinner with "Hottie", was nice and relaxing especially after a hard day unpacking all the shit I have accumulated! Honestly it's bizarre how much crap one person can have.

Yesterday I went to Sexpo - what an experience! The good old credit card did some serious work and I got to see the dude who paints pictures with his dick - amusing to say the least!

Next weekend I am off to the elephant sanctuary to chill with the elephants for the day, really am so excited! Hottie thought it might be a fun day out - sweet! However still have to get through this week.... urg!

Right, need to do more shopping!


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Packing Shit

Today is packing day. I am going to the house GM and I shared to pack up my shit and kiss away life as I knew it.... Not exactly the nicest way to spend a day off work huh? Am off for the rest of the week and move into the new place officially on Thursday!

The weekend was awesome - I got to drink huge amounts of vino, laze in the jacuzzi and watch hot guys without their shirts on, hee hee! My darling mum was trying to ensure I ate as much as possible and is convinced I am not eating. Needless to say after "Mother's" home cooking, my jeans are feeling a little snug... Not good!

Fuck... I am so not in the mood for going to the house today. Am seriously dreading it and wish there was some way I didn't have to go. GM took leave for today to help me pack. Very nice of him, yes, but also a recipe for disaster.

Wish me luck


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fresh Air and Pancakes

Had a different weekend for a change! Friday started off with a few drinks at a local pub in Hartebeespoort followed by a yummy dinner. My ex-mother in law put a bit of a dampener on things when she called like a hundred times demanding I sort things out with her son and wanting to know why I left….

It was then that I decided to switch my phone off for the entire weekend to avoid any potential “pissedoffedness”. Snuggled up to watch a few DVD’s, chick flicks – oh sweet joy!

On Saturday I spent the day walking around with “hottie from the office” and eventually we ended up eating pancakes and guzzling one beer after another – too much fun . I like him – he is yummy and such a gentleman (aaah)

Am on leave from tomorrow for the rest of the week and I can’t wait to get the fuck out of this office. Going to my folks for the week and guess what? Hottie is coming with and his brothers are joining us for a biking weekend through the bush….. Could turn dirty (erm the biking, hee hee)

Last night I met GM at the house to discuss the division of our stuff. Eeek, what an anticlimax after the weekend. He is now on “Calmettes” or some fucking herbal “calm your nerves” crap. Apparently his mother brought them for him – no comment. The discussion went off okay and at least some progress is being made. The puppy has grown so much and we spent ages playing in the garden.

Anyhoo, must get working if I am going to leave this dungeon at a decent time today!


Friday, September 19, 2008

The end.

I signed the lease to my new place today! I am sooooo excited and have a million ideas as to how I am going to furnish the new place.

Yesterday, as I was busy getting into my car to leave work, there was a white envelope with lavender stuck all over it from GM. I figured he took my spare keys to get into my car. He had (for the first time since I have known him) written nearly 20 pages to me. The first part was a letter and the remainder was 250 things he loves about me....

I was gutted. Some of the things made me laugh and think of little moments we had, others just made me incredibly sad. I can't go back now. It just wouldn't be right, not now anyway!

So there is amazing eye candy in my office at the moment and one hotty just seems to be around all the time... Yum!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am off to the mountains!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chapter 26 – Done

I am in disgrace for not having written anything in such a long time. Believe me when I say there has just been no time and on occasions I just couldn't bring myself to write – too many fucked up things going on in my head I guess.

Mmmmm, where to begin? Well I guess everything started when my boss nearly killed himself on a motorbike. Work took on a whole new meaning after that and consisted of late nights and bitching left right and centre!

The clanger ladies and gentleman is that I left GM. It’s over. Last week Tuesday, I got home from work, asked him something and the next thing I knew I was breaking up with him. Four fucking years pissed away. It had been coming for a while and I kept hoping and trying to block out that which was blatantly obvious.

So, I have found a place to rent – really nice and spacious and move in on the first of October – hectic stuff. I am both elated and distraught at what the future holds. On the one hand I cannot wait to be on my own and get things going, on the other I kinda miss the companionship and my comfort zone.

It was a helluva step for me to take and I hope I made the right decision. Am not really ready to talk about the shit that went down, baby steps for now.

Missed writing and will make a concerted effort to get back on the bus and just find “me” again!


Ps. I get to furnish MY home anyway I want – whoo hoo
PPs. I may have met someone …..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It has been a kak week! Everything has been going tits up... My manager was in a motorbike accident on Monday and luckily survived, but only just. Which leaves me and another girl to keep things going - easier said than done.

I am in a funny place at the moment. Today GM and I have been together for 4 years. I slipped a gift into his laptop bag this morning and he still hasn't even bothered to say thank you.... oh well!

My writing may be a bit scarce this week. Putting out fires as I am going along.

Hopefully things will return to some sort of normality soon!


Ps. The puppy survived her op but is pissed off with the world as she has to wear one of the collars that prevent her from scratching - good times!

Friday, August 22, 2008

RIP Birdie

Had a kak start to the day. After only 3 hours sleep I went off to feed the Baby Bird and it had died. I was gutted. After sobbing my eyes out (Pathetic I know, must be PMS), GM tried unsuccessfully to save the bird (he softened after all).

The Puppy then came in from outside and fuck, would you believe it, she has *Cherry Eye in the left eye now. Two weeks ago she had the right eye operated on for the same thing and that eye is still healing.

On Monday I casually informed the vet that I would be moving in to his place with the Puppy because we seem to be there all the time. He was chuffed with the idea…. GM was not.

Oh yes….. my windscreen was cracked this morning whilst on my way to work. A huge gigantic truck that was driving over 200km (I am convinced) on the highway, very cheerfully offloaded some of the stones he was carrying, on to the passing cars. My car is only 3 months old….

I hate trucks. They piss me off. I understand that they have a job to do however, it’s seems that some of them don’t give a shit and become more and more reckless. When traffic comes to a standstill and a huge ass 'mofo' truck comes hurtling down the highway behind you, it tends to make one uncomfortable. I stay the hell away from them as much as humanly possible.

Anyhoo, at least it’s Friday – whoo hoo. Don’t have much planned for the weekend but do intend to consume large amounts of vino whilst watching the rugby tomorrow. Also have to be up at the crack of dawn to take The Puppy to the vet. So much for sleeping a little later than usual.

Have an awesome weekend all!


*Prolapse of a gland which protrudes from the third eyelid (Well, something like that)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

London Bridge is Falling Down....Get there Quick

I received a very unexpected call from a dear friend (Jeep Girl) last night. We keep in touch via email etc but it’s been a while since I have actually spoken to her - rather a nice surprise!

Jeep Girl had phoned for two reasons apparently: 1. because she had thought about me and wanted to know how I was doing health wise (long story for another day) and 2. she wanted to know how I would feel about going with her and two other friends to Europe for two weeks…. WOW!

I have been to the states but never been to Europe – shocking I know. It’s been on my To Do list for like ever though.

This invitation presents a few challenges. Firstly, the cost. I could swing it if I really wanted to so that’s not really a biggie. Secondly, GM. How would he feel about me running off for two weeks? Thing is, he spent two years in London and has no desire whatsoever to return there or any other part of Europe for that matter.

3 months ago I decided I wanted to go to Zanzibar. My dad lived there for 2 years and has always encouraged me to go. I suggested to GM that we go as kinda like an anniversary present (4 years on 27 August), but was met with little enthusiasm. He insisted that it was too expensive and that we would go to a place like that for our honeymoon.

Now excuse me for being a cold hearted bitch here, but there isn’t even an engagement ring on my finger, so it’s a bit fucking early to be worrying about a honeymoon…..

So …. I have been presented with yet another opportunity and to tell you the truth my bum is itching to say yes. I know GM will decline tagging along (he was invited too).

The way I see it, the chance of us ever going together is slim and I need to do this whilst I still can.

What to do…


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Look out... Here comes the "Bird Lady…"

I am irritated today. GM and I had a domestic last night about the most ridiculous thing – honestly. From the time I can remember my home was always surrounded by animals. My late brother and I were taught to help animals where you could (within reason obviously). Be it a lost dog or an injured bird, we both grew up cherishing the animals we helped. I am not for one minute saying I am one of those excessive nature people – I’m not, just cannot walk away from animals that need help.

I have somewhat of a reputation in our complex for saving birds (major bird lovers where I stay) and yesterday my neighbour nearly broke down my front door to give me….. a baby loerie. He had bungee jumped out of the nest (the bird, not the neighbour, although that wouldn’t be such a bad idea). Ah fuck. I knew even before I took the bird from Mr Neighbour that I was in kak (shit) when GM got home.

That was an understatement. GM hit the fucking roof….. about a baby bird…. Seriously. I was warned (more like threatened) that if I brought the bird into the house – there would be trouble. Yeah well….

This morning, GM’s level of maturity was displayed even further – he left without saying goodbye – Nice!! May seem insignificant but I have a complete phobia about not saying goodbye properly. I never had the opportunity to say goodbye to my boet (brother) and hence I always make a point of it now.

To add insult to injury a co-worker (hereafter referred to as Miss Universe) is trying really hard to test my patience. One cannot believe that people are actually brought up with such lack of tact and basic manners but more about that situation another time.

For now I am pissed off and irritating myself – not sure if that’s possible.


PS. The bird is still alive.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sorry... You are a Box

This morning I woke up late… (not a good start to the day), broke an ashtray whilst trying to make coffee and when I finally made it out the door at 06h05 – the traffic on my off ramp was backed up – NICE!

Believe it or not I was still in good spirits and sat listening to the radio and Gareth Cliff chatting about SA winning one silver medal at the Olympics (Yay by the way)

This poor gal's car had broken down and there were a whole stream of cars behind her, desperately trying to get into my lane. In my world a single act of kindness goes a long way (well that was how I was brought up anyway).

Being the good Samaritan, I let two cars in front of me and the next thing the dick behind me is sitting on his hooter busy giving me the finger…. Erm WTF?
The lady – oh wait, can’t call her that… The bitch sitting next to him has her arms out the window shouting at me to drive and stop letting other cars in our lane. Yikes!

I couldn't help it. I looked at them both in the rear-view mirror and pissed myself laughing. This apparently incensed the *“box” more because he then starting revving his dilapidated fucking car closer and closer to my car’s arse – not cool.

We eventually started moving towards the highway - and although I still had a dumb grin on my face, was watching *“the box” closely in my rear-view mirror for any counter attack.

It had to happen. Murphy, you beauty!!! You see….because I joined the highway sooner, the *“box” ended up driving next to me trying to get into my lane. ….. couldn’t resist. I gestured “oh you need to get into my lane??” Sorry! And I drove past him.

Had he and his erm…. lady friend been nicer, I would have let him in.. Simple acts of kindness can go a long in way in making someone’s day, no matter how insignificant.


* Translate to Afrikaans.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Personal Space and Banks

I very seldom go to the bank. In fact I avoid it like the plague. I detest queues and people in my space. Unless I invite you into my inner sanctum of space, piss off! An arms length away, is in my opinion adequate spacing (If you have short arms, perhaps a leg then..)

GM lost his bank card and because we had a few errands to run on Saturday, I went along with him to the bank – bad idea. The enquiries teller, where one has to apply for and receive a replacement card, had a queue almost straight out the door. (At this point I start plotting a possible alternative …. none). Only two people helping like fifty customers... beautiful.

So we stand…. And we stand…. And we stand some more. After 15 minutes we have not moved. There.... is.... someone.... in... my... space...
. The more I move away, the more the shithead behind me narrows the gap and practically stands on top of me. Dude WTF???

Next to us is a guy yelling to his wife/ girlfriend who is standing 3 rows away. She is visibly embarrassed because her loud mouthed partner is talking at the top of his voice. “You had better tell them we WANT OUR MONEY, how long have we been waiting now? 30 MIN?” OMG!! Shut up guy – seriously!!!.

So whilst trying to block out Loud Guy and standing my ground with the dude breathing down my neck from behind, GM is not bothered in the least and is quietly reading an information booklet...

Banks scar me psychologically. They are a pain in my arse. GM can go alone next time.

In other news, the puppy is getting better and the snoring has improved to the likes of a lawnmower – yes this is progress!

GM bought a new TV on Saturday and yesterday we TRIED to assemble it. Will save that dramatic story for another day.

Have a good Monday all!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Sinus and Puppies

I am convinced that our dog has developed a sinus problem. “The Puppy” is a four month old bulldog who GM decided was the perfect addition to our family. Admittedly I had my reservations about this breed, but have been pleasantly surprised - until now. Every time she sneezes (think she has flu) a shower of … well… erm… whatever… is sent in all directions (yuck). GM lets her sleep next to our bed every night and over the last 3 months this hasn’t bothered me (quite endearing actually) but the little thing has a blocked nose now too. I did not sleep much last night. Bulldogs in general snore loudly, try blocking their nose and voila – you have a sound that resembles something dying a painful torturous death. It was horrible. My desperation reached new levels when I considered putting Karvol (almost like Vicks) on a tissue and holding it in front of her nose to relieve the… erm…. congestion? The little shit has developed a new way of sleeping which I find utterly hysterical. She slept like that for over an hour on Sunday... doesn't look comfortable in the least!

Off the topic, have decided not to respond to “First Time Guy”. After reading Miss M’s post yesterday, I was reminded about the reason we split up in the first place and although it was nice to see him and think of the “good” times, the bad far outweighed the “good”. Besides by even responding to his message I would be opening the door and in this case I would prefer to keep it tightly shut and perhaps add a security gate too.

GM is away tonight which means I get to indulge in some girly time. Put on a face mask, eat all sorts of crap and watch a chick flick - that is if I can hear the TV due to The Puppy’s earth shattering snores.

Have a fabulous weekend all!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bankrupted by a Remote Control

I am the sort of gal that becomes annoyed rather easily and although under most circumstances I am able to conceal it, last night was an exception. My darling boyfriend (and I say this with great affection), is a gadget junkie. I knew this when I started dating him and 4 years on, I tolerate his indulgence for all things gadget orientated. I am not for one minute saying I do not enjoy the vast availability of goodies such as 3G cards however, when it comes to a universal remote control (or whatever) that costs roughly five thousand rand, I get a tad pissed… WTF? For the life of me I cannot fathom why you would want to pay such an exorbitant amount for a remote control!!! Hence our Wednesday evening turned in to a debate revolving around a........ remote .This may seem normal in most households but I ab-so-fucking-lutely refuse to give my blessing to such a purchase.

It also dawned on me that this money was more than likely coming from my “engagement ring fund” – I assume so, not sure really. That in itself is a vicious topic of conversation and one which has caused more domestic disturbance in our little townhouse than you can imagine...

So in a nutshell, one of two things could occur in this situation. 1) GM will see the light and decide to contribute towards our Zanzibar fund or 2) He will buy it anyway and parade around the house indicating it's fascinating capabilities and possibly annoying me even further by switching the lights on and off with the fucking thing.

Talk about testing my patience....


Ps. Have still not responded to the message

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

My hometown is roughly 160 Km from Jo'burg and I visit there regularly as my folks still live there. Roughly a month ago, whilst in the smoke infested dorpie (town), GM and I decided to hit the local watering hole for a drink or ten and perhaps see some of our old mates. Imagine my surprise (or horror) when I bumped into my first serious boyfriend from high school whom I haven't seen in like 10 years!! OMG!! They say you always remember your first... yeah well, I started stuttering and stammering like a complete idiot and then finally remembered to introduce GM (Who looked mildly impressed to say the least).

To make matters worse, First Time Guy decided to join us at our table - erm.... right. GM then LEFT me there while he chatted to his mates (Gee thanks). It was inevitable, the trip down memory lane.... After much reminiscing, GM and I finally left in the early hours of the Sunday morning and that was the end of that. HOWEVER, last night when on Facebook, First Time Guy had sent me a message (dramatic music begins). Inevitably it went along the lines of "you look great" and "we should meet for coffee". Suffice to say this has rattled me somewhat and I don't know why. All of a sudden I am thinking about the past.... Shit!


Ps. Have not yet replied to the message.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A First For Me....

So I finally plucked up the courage and started a blog. Not sure what the fuck took me so long but hooray, it's done and I look forward to sharing all with cyberspace...
A bit about me....
I'm 26 years old, living in Johannesburg. Originally a country girl from a small little town, trying to make sense of that which is city life.... Live with my boyfriend (Shall call him GM for blogging purposes) and work as a Communications Practitioner.

More tomorrow, won't bore you to tears just yet!