Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It has been a kak week! Everything has been going tits up... My manager was in a motorbike accident on Monday and luckily survived, but only just. Which leaves me and another girl to keep things going - easier said than done.

I am in a funny place at the moment. Today GM and I have been together for 4 years. I slipped a gift into his laptop bag this morning and he still hasn't even bothered to say thank you.... oh well!

My writing may be a bit scarce this week. Putting out fires as I am going along.

Hopefully things will return to some sort of normality soon!


Ps. The puppy survived her op but is pissed off with the world as she has to wear one of the collars that prevent her from scratching - good times!

Friday, August 22, 2008

RIP Birdie

Had a kak start to the day. After only 3 hours sleep I went off to feed the Baby Bird and it had died. I was gutted. After sobbing my eyes out (Pathetic I know, must be PMS), GM tried unsuccessfully to save the bird (he softened after all).

The Puppy then came in from outside and fuck, would you believe it, she has *Cherry Eye in the left eye now. Two weeks ago she had the right eye operated on for the same thing and that eye is still healing.

On Monday I casually informed the vet that I would be moving in to his place with the Puppy because we seem to be there all the time. He was chuffed with the idea…. GM was not.

Oh yes….. my windscreen was cracked this morning whilst on my way to work. A huge gigantic truck that was driving over 200km (I am convinced) on the highway, very cheerfully offloaded some of the stones he was carrying, on to the passing cars. My car is only 3 months old….

I hate trucks. They piss me off. I understand that they have a job to do however, it’s seems that some of them don’t give a shit and become more and more reckless. When traffic comes to a standstill and a huge ass 'mofo' truck comes hurtling down the highway behind you, it tends to make one uncomfortable. I stay the hell away from them as much as humanly possible.

Anyhoo, at least it’s Friday – whoo hoo. Don’t have much planned for the weekend but do intend to consume large amounts of vino whilst watching the rugby tomorrow. Also have to be up at the crack of dawn to take The Puppy to the vet. So much for sleeping a little later than usual.

Have an awesome weekend all!


*Prolapse of a gland which protrudes from the third eyelid (Well, something like that)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

London Bridge is Falling Down....Get there Quick

I received a very unexpected call from a dear friend (Jeep Girl) last night. We keep in touch via email etc but it’s been a while since I have actually spoken to her - rather a nice surprise!

Jeep Girl had phoned for two reasons apparently: 1. because she had thought about me and wanted to know how I was doing health wise (long story for another day) and 2. she wanted to know how I would feel about going with her and two other friends to Europe for two weeks…. WOW!

I have been to the states but never been to Europe – shocking I know. It’s been on my To Do list for like ever though.

This invitation presents a few challenges. Firstly, the cost. I could swing it if I really wanted to so that’s not really a biggie. Secondly, GM. How would he feel about me running off for two weeks? Thing is, he spent two years in London and has no desire whatsoever to return there or any other part of Europe for that matter.

3 months ago I decided I wanted to go to Zanzibar. My dad lived there for 2 years and has always encouraged me to go. I suggested to GM that we go as kinda like an anniversary present (4 years on 27 August), but was met with little enthusiasm. He insisted that it was too expensive and that we would go to a place like that for our honeymoon.

Now excuse me for being a cold hearted bitch here, but there isn’t even an engagement ring on my finger, so it’s a bit fucking early to be worrying about a honeymoon…..

So …. I have been presented with yet another opportunity and to tell you the truth my bum is itching to say yes. I know GM will decline tagging along (he was invited too).

The way I see it, the chance of us ever going together is slim and I need to do this whilst I still can.

What to do…


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Look out... Here comes the "Bird Lady…"

I am irritated today. GM and I had a domestic last night about the most ridiculous thing – honestly. From the time I can remember my home was always surrounded by animals. My late brother and I were taught to help animals where you could (within reason obviously). Be it a lost dog or an injured bird, we both grew up cherishing the animals we helped. I am not for one minute saying I am one of those excessive nature people – I’m not, just cannot walk away from animals that need help.

I have somewhat of a reputation in our complex for saving birds (major bird lovers where I stay) and yesterday my neighbour nearly broke down my front door to give me….. a baby loerie. He had bungee jumped out of the nest (the bird, not the neighbour, although that wouldn’t be such a bad idea). Ah fuck. I knew even before I took the bird from Mr Neighbour that I was in kak (shit) when GM got home.

That was an understatement. GM hit the fucking roof….. about a baby bird…. Seriously. I was warned (more like threatened) that if I brought the bird into the house – there would be trouble. Yeah well….

This morning, GM’s level of maturity was displayed even further – he left without saying goodbye – Nice!! May seem insignificant but I have a complete phobia about not saying goodbye properly. I never had the opportunity to say goodbye to my boet (brother) and hence I always make a point of it now.

To add insult to injury a co-worker (hereafter referred to as Miss Universe) is trying really hard to test my patience. One cannot believe that people are actually brought up with such lack of tact and basic manners but more about that situation another time.

For now I am pissed off and irritating myself – not sure if that’s possible.


PS. The bird is still alive.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sorry... You are a Box

This morning I woke up late… (not a good start to the day), broke an ashtray whilst trying to make coffee and when I finally made it out the door at 06h05 – the traffic on my off ramp was backed up – NICE!

Believe it or not I was still in good spirits and sat listening to the radio and Gareth Cliff chatting about SA winning one silver medal at the Olympics (Yay by the way)

This poor gal's car had broken down and there were a whole stream of cars behind her, desperately trying to get into my lane. In my world a single act of kindness goes a long way (well that was how I was brought up anyway).

Being the good Samaritan, I let two cars in front of me and the next thing the dick behind me is sitting on his hooter busy giving me the finger…. Erm WTF?
The lady – oh wait, can’t call her that… The bitch sitting next to him has her arms out the window shouting at me to drive and stop letting other cars in our lane. Yikes!

I couldn't help it. I looked at them both in the rear-view mirror and pissed myself laughing. This apparently incensed the *“box” more because he then starting revving his dilapidated fucking car closer and closer to my car’s arse – not cool.

We eventually started moving towards the highway - and although I still had a dumb grin on my face, was watching *“the box” closely in my rear-view mirror for any counter attack.

It had to happen. Murphy, you beauty!!! You see….because I joined the highway sooner, the *“box” ended up driving next to me trying to get into my lane. ….. couldn’t resist. I gestured “oh you need to get into my lane??” Sorry! And I drove past him.

Had he and his erm…. lady friend been nicer, I would have let him in.. Simple acts of kindness can go a long in way in making someone’s day, no matter how insignificant.


* Translate to Afrikaans.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Personal Space and Banks

I very seldom go to the bank. In fact I avoid it like the plague. I detest queues and people in my space. Unless I invite you into my inner sanctum of space, piss off! An arms length away, is in my opinion adequate spacing (If you have short arms, perhaps a leg then..)

GM lost his bank card and because we had a few errands to run on Saturday, I went along with him to the bank – bad idea. The enquiries teller, where one has to apply for and receive a replacement card, had a queue almost straight out the door. (At this point I start plotting a possible alternative …. none). Only two people helping like fifty customers... beautiful.

So we stand…. And we stand…. And we stand some more. After 15 minutes we have not moved. There.... is.... someone.... in... my... space...
. The more I move away, the more the shithead behind me narrows the gap and practically stands on top of me. Dude WTF???

Next to us is a guy yelling to his wife/ girlfriend who is standing 3 rows away. She is visibly embarrassed because her loud mouthed partner is talking at the top of his voice. “You had better tell them we WANT OUR MONEY, how long have we been waiting now? 30 MIN?” OMG!! Shut up guy – seriously!!!.

So whilst trying to block out Loud Guy and standing my ground with the dude breathing down my neck from behind, GM is not bothered in the least and is quietly reading an information booklet...

Banks scar me psychologically. They are a pain in my arse. GM can go alone next time.

In other news, the puppy is getting better and the snoring has improved to the likes of a lawnmower – yes this is progress!

GM bought a new TV on Saturday and yesterday we TRIED to assemble it. Will save that dramatic story for another day.

Have a good Monday all!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Sinus and Puppies

I am convinced that our dog has developed a sinus problem. “The Puppy” is a four month old bulldog who GM decided was the perfect addition to our family. Admittedly I had my reservations about this breed, but have been pleasantly surprised - until now. Every time she sneezes (think she has flu) a shower of … well… erm… whatever… is sent in all directions (yuck). GM lets her sleep next to our bed every night and over the last 3 months this hasn’t bothered me (quite endearing actually) but the little thing has a blocked nose now too. I did not sleep much last night. Bulldogs in general snore loudly, try blocking their nose and voila – you have a sound that resembles something dying a painful torturous death. It was horrible. My desperation reached new levels when I considered putting Karvol (almost like Vicks) on a tissue and holding it in front of her nose to relieve the… erm…. congestion? The little shit has developed a new way of sleeping which I find utterly hysterical. She slept like that for over an hour on Sunday... doesn't look comfortable in the least!

Off the topic, have decided not to respond to “First Time Guy”. After reading Miss M’s post yesterday, I was reminded about the reason we split up in the first place and although it was nice to see him and think of the “good” times, the bad far outweighed the “good”. Besides by even responding to his message I would be opening the door and in this case I would prefer to keep it tightly shut and perhaps add a security gate too.

GM is away tonight which means I get to indulge in some girly time. Put on a face mask, eat all sorts of crap and watch a chick flick - that is if I can hear the TV due to The Puppy’s earth shattering snores.

Have a fabulous weekend all!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bankrupted by a Remote Control

I am the sort of gal that becomes annoyed rather easily and although under most circumstances I am able to conceal it, last night was an exception. My darling boyfriend (and I say this with great affection), is a gadget junkie. I knew this when I started dating him and 4 years on, I tolerate his indulgence for all things gadget orientated. I am not for one minute saying I do not enjoy the vast availability of goodies such as 3G cards however, when it comes to a universal remote control (or whatever) that costs roughly five thousand rand, I get a tad pissed… WTF? For the life of me I cannot fathom why you would want to pay such an exorbitant amount for a remote control!!! Hence our Wednesday evening turned in to a debate revolving around a........ remote .This may seem normal in most households but I ab-so-fucking-lutely refuse to give my blessing to such a purchase.

It also dawned on me that this money was more than likely coming from my “engagement ring fund” – I assume so, not sure really. That in itself is a vicious topic of conversation and one which has caused more domestic disturbance in our little townhouse than you can imagine...

So in a nutshell, one of two things could occur in this situation. 1) GM will see the light and decide to contribute towards our Zanzibar fund or 2) He will buy it anyway and parade around the house indicating it's fascinating capabilities and possibly annoying me even further by switching the lights on and off with the fucking thing.

Talk about testing my patience....


Ps. Have still not responded to the message

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

My hometown is roughly 160 Km from Jo'burg and I visit there regularly as my folks still live there. Roughly a month ago, whilst in the smoke infested dorpie (town), GM and I decided to hit the local watering hole for a drink or ten and perhaps see some of our old mates. Imagine my surprise (or horror) when I bumped into my first serious boyfriend from high school whom I haven't seen in like 10 years!! OMG!! They say you always remember your first... yeah well, I started stuttering and stammering like a complete idiot and then finally remembered to introduce GM (Who looked mildly impressed to say the least).

To make matters worse, First Time Guy decided to join us at our table - erm.... right. GM then LEFT me there while he chatted to his mates (Gee thanks). It was inevitable, the trip down memory lane.... After much reminiscing, GM and I finally left in the early hours of the Sunday morning and that was the end of that. HOWEVER, last night when on Facebook, First Time Guy had sent me a message (dramatic music begins). Inevitably it went along the lines of "you look great" and "we should meet for coffee". Suffice to say this has rattled me somewhat and I don't know why. All of a sudden I am thinking about the past.... Shit!


Ps. Have not yet replied to the message.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A First For Me....

So I finally plucked up the courage and started a blog. Not sure what the fuck took me so long but hooray, it's done and I look forward to sharing all with cyberspace...
A bit about me....
I'm 26 years old, living in Johannesburg. Originally a country girl from a small little town, trying to make sense of that which is city life.... Live with my boyfriend (Shall call him GM for blogging purposes) and work as a Communications Practitioner.

More tomorrow, won't bore you to tears just yet!