Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Look out... Here comes the "Bird Lady…"

I am irritated today. GM and I had a domestic last night about the most ridiculous thing – honestly. From the time I can remember my home was always surrounded by animals. My late brother and I were taught to help animals where you could (within reason obviously). Be it a lost dog or an injured bird, we both grew up cherishing the animals we helped. I am not for one minute saying I am one of those excessive nature people – I’m not, just cannot walk away from animals that need help.

I have somewhat of a reputation in our complex for saving birds (major bird lovers where I stay) and yesterday my neighbour nearly broke down my front door to give me….. a baby loerie. He had bungee jumped out of the nest (the bird, not the neighbour, although that wouldn’t be such a bad idea). Ah fuck. I knew even before I took the bird from Mr Neighbour that I was in kak (shit) when GM got home.

That was an understatement. GM hit the fucking roof….. about a baby bird…. Seriously. I was warned (more like threatened) that if I brought the bird into the house – there would be trouble. Yeah well….

This morning, GM’s level of maturity was displayed even further – he left without saying goodbye – Nice!! May seem insignificant but I have a complete phobia about not saying goodbye properly. I never had the opportunity to say goodbye to my boet (brother) and hence I always make a point of it now.

To add insult to injury a co-worker (hereafter referred to as Miss Universe) is trying really hard to test my patience. One cannot believe that people are actually brought up with such lack of tact and basic manners but more about that situation another time.

For now I am pissed off and irritating myself – not sure if that’s possible.


PS. The bird is still alive.

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The Divine Miss M said...

Well I'm glad the bird is still alive! I didn't that your partner would have killed it or anything! :P


Enjoy the fighting ;)