Monday, August 18, 2008

Personal Space and Banks

I very seldom go to the bank. In fact I avoid it like the plague. I detest queues and people in my space. Unless I invite you into my inner sanctum of space, piss off! An arms length away, is in my opinion adequate spacing (If you have short arms, perhaps a leg then..)

GM lost his bank card and because we had a few errands to run on Saturday, I went along with him to the bank – bad idea. The enquiries teller, where one has to apply for and receive a replacement card, had a queue almost straight out the door. (At this point I start plotting a possible alternative …. none). Only two people helping like fifty customers... beautiful.

So we stand…. And we stand…. And we stand some more. After 15 minutes we have not moved. There.... is.... someone.... in... my... space...
. The more I move away, the more the shithead behind me narrows the gap and practically stands on top of me. Dude WTF???

Next to us is a guy yelling to his wife/ girlfriend who is standing 3 rows away. She is visibly embarrassed because her loud mouthed partner is talking at the top of his voice. “You had better tell them we WANT OUR MONEY, how long have we been waiting now? 30 MIN?” OMG!! Shut up guy – seriously!!!.

So whilst trying to block out Loud Guy and standing my ground with the dude breathing down my neck from behind, GM is not bothered in the least and is quietly reading an information booklet...

Banks scar me psychologically. They are a pain in my arse. GM can go alone next time.

In other news, the puppy is getting better and the snoring has improved to the likes of a lawnmower – yes this is progress!

GM bought a new TV on Saturday and yesterday we TRIED to assemble it. Will save that dramatic story for another day.

Have a good Monday all!



The Divine Miss M said...

I hate banks too.

I think it should be used as a new form of torture by the US government. None of this water torture - take your supposed terrorist and force them to stand in a queue at the bank and deal with the idiot people who work there.

They'd be begging for mercy soon.

Tay said...

Ha ha, not a bad idea Miss M.
Thank goodness for internet banking or I would have been admitted to a mental institution ages ago!

And yes, the staff make it even more challenging. One is almost always met with a dull vacant stare...

Dare I ask how it went with The German?

kyknoord said...

It's all a plot. Banks are designed to freak you out, so you won't notice their ridiculous charges.

Tay said...

Kyk... you may be onto something! How else would one explain their complete lack of competence and customer service?