Friday, August 15, 2008

Sinus and Puppies

I am convinced that our dog has developed a sinus problem. “The Puppy” is a four month old bulldog who GM decided was the perfect addition to our family. Admittedly I had my reservations about this breed, but have been pleasantly surprised - until now. Every time she sneezes (think she has flu) a shower of … well… erm… whatever… is sent in all directions (yuck). GM lets her sleep next to our bed every night and over the last 3 months this hasn’t bothered me (quite endearing actually) but the little thing has a blocked nose now too. I did not sleep much last night. Bulldogs in general snore loudly, try blocking their nose and voila – you have a sound that resembles something dying a painful torturous death. It was horrible. My desperation reached new levels when I considered putting Karvol (almost like Vicks) on a tissue and holding it in front of her nose to relieve the… erm…. congestion? The little shit has developed a new way of sleeping which I find utterly hysterical. She slept like that for over an hour on Sunday... doesn't look comfortable in the least!

Off the topic, have decided not to respond to “First Time Guy”. After reading Miss M’s post yesterday, I was reminded about the reason we split up in the first place and although it was nice to see him and think of the “good” times, the bad far outweighed the “good”. Besides by even responding to his message I would be opening the door and in this case I would prefer to keep it tightly shut and perhaps add a security gate too.

GM is away tonight which means I get to indulge in some girly time. Put on a face mask, eat all sorts of crap and watch a chick flick - that is if I can hear the TV due to The Puppy’s earth shattering snores.

Have a fabulous weekend all!



The Divine Miss M said...


I can barely handle the idea of a guy snoring next to me let alone the sound of a puppy dying a painful death beside me!

Good times.

Good decision re "the ex" - some doors just don't need to be opened again. Unfortunately mine can't not be cause he is still a big part of my friends lives.


Tay said...

Hee hee!. I am hoping (more like praying) that the "sinus" goes away soon! Otherwise the guestroom is an option - need sleep!

Your post really helped - muchos grande me dear! It sucks that German guy is still in the circle. I still reckon you are going to handle him with style though!

The Divine Miss M said...

Ja, we'll see :)

Tay said...

I will be holding thumbs that all goes well! Good luck and have a wonderful weekend :-)

Angela said...

Hahaha, he looks more like he's about to jump off the couch than anything! I hope his sinus condition clears up, but that's how bull dogs are. They're never quiet breathers.

Tay said...

Hey Angela,

Yeah at first we thought she was just fooling around but she actually sleeps like that on a regular basis - strange!

As for the sinus - getting better :-)