Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sorry... You are a Box

This morning I woke up late… (not a good start to the day), broke an ashtray whilst trying to make coffee and when I finally made it out the door at 06h05 – the traffic on my off ramp was backed up – NICE!

Believe it or not I was still in good spirits and sat listening to the radio and Gareth Cliff chatting about SA winning one silver medal at the Olympics (Yay by the way)

This poor gal's car had broken down and there were a whole stream of cars behind her, desperately trying to get into my lane. In my world a single act of kindness goes a long way (well that was how I was brought up anyway).

Being the good Samaritan, I let two cars in front of me and the next thing the dick behind me is sitting on his hooter busy giving me the finger…. Erm WTF?
The lady – oh wait, can’t call her that… The bitch sitting next to him has her arms out the window shouting at me to drive and stop letting other cars in our lane. Yikes!

I couldn't help it. I looked at them both in the rear-view mirror and pissed myself laughing. This apparently incensed the *“box” more because he then starting revving his dilapidated fucking car closer and closer to my car’s arse – not cool.

We eventually started moving towards the highway - and although I still had a dumb grin on my face, was watching *“the box” closely in my rear-view mirror for any counter attack.

It had to happen. Murphy, you beauty!!! You see….because I joined the highway sooner, the *“box” ended up driving next to me trying to get into my lane. ….. couldn’t resist. I gestured “oh you need to get into my lane??” Sorry! And I drove past him.

Had he and his erm…. lady friend been nicer, I would have let him in.. Simple acts of kindness can go a long in way in making someone’s day, no matter how insignificant.


* Translate to Afrikaans.


The Divine Miss M said...


That so reminds me of an incident where Jailbait and I were driving down the motorway and were trying to pass some car in the slow lane - another car came up our backside and started honking at us so Jailbait slowed down so he was matched perfectly in time with the car in the slow lane blocking both lanes and we drove along for a bit with them honking and showing us the rudest signs EVER.

Was hysterical.

Luckily they didn't try kill us after though!

When I was living in CT I used to go driving down Main Rd and play with the taxi's (bloke them as they tried to come out etc) if I was in a foul mood. Was fun.

I'm weird.

Tay said...

Not a bad idea, hee hee -relieves the tension no? However after living in Jozi for just a month I found myself stuck in the middle of 6 taxi's attacking a bloke (and his car)on the highway. It was terrible. Even the passengers got involved. Have been shit scared of taxi's ever since.

You lucky no one did try and kill you...

I used to get upset in traffic, now I just find it amusing when I piss people off :-)