Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chapter 26 – Done

I am in disgrace for not having written anything in such a long time. Believe me when I say there has just been no time and on occasions I just couldn't bring myself to write – too many fucked up things going on in my head I guess.

Mmmmm, where to begin? Well I guess everything started when my boss nearly killed himself on a motorbike. Work took on a whole new meaning after that and consisted of late nights and bitching left right and centre!

The clanger ladies and gentleman is that I left GM. It’s over. Last week Tuesday, I got home from work, asked him something and the next thing I knew I was breaking up with him. Four fucking years pissed away. It had been coming for a while and I kept hoping and trying to block out that which was blatantly obvious.

So, I have found a place to rent – really nice and spacious and move in on the first of October – hectic stuff. I am both elated and distraught at what the future holds. On the one hand I cannot wait to be on my own and get things going, on the other I kinda miss the companionship and my comfort zone.

It was a helluva step for me to take and I hope I made the right decision. Am not really ready to talk about the shit that went down, baby steps for now.

Missed writing and will make a concerted effort to get back on the bus and just find “me” again!


Ps. I get to furnish MY home anyway I want – whoo hoo
PPs. I may have met someone …..

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