Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fresh Air and Pancakes

Had a different weekend for a change! Friday started off with a few drinks at a local pub in Hartebeespoort followed by a yummy dinner. My ex-mother in law put a bit of a dampener on things when she called like a hundred times demanding I sort things out with her son and wanting to know why I left….

It was then that I decided to switch my phone off for the entire weekend to avoid any potential “pissedoffedness”. Snuggled up to watch a few DVD’s, chick flicks – oh sweet joy!

On Saturday I spent the day walking around with “hottie from the office” and eventually we ended up eating pancakes and guzzling one beer after another – too much fun . I like him – he is yummy and such a gentleman (aaah)

Am on leave from tomorrow for the rest of the week and I can’t wait to get the fuck out of this office. Going to my folks for the week and guess what? Hottie is coming with and his brothers are joining us for a biking weekend through the bush….. Could turn dirty (erm the biking, hee hee)

Last night I met GM at the house to discuss the division of our stuff. Eeek, what an anticlimax after the weekend. He is now on “Calmettes” or some fucking herbal “calm your nerves” crap. Apparently his mother brought them for him – no comment. The discussion went off okay and at least some progress is being made. The puppy has grown so much and we spent ages playing in the garden.

Anyhoo, must get working if I am going to leave this dungeon at a decent time today!


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