Thursday, October 16, 2008

Conversation with Dad

My dad travels a lot, mostly to the Cape for 4 days at a time. Usually he loves these trips and sends me quirky little text messages about how he is walking on the beach and having a beer at the local pub.

Yesterday however was a whole different story:

Tay: Hey dad, how are you?

Dad: Tay? Tay? Can you hear me? I am in the CAPE!
T: That’s great dad, how is the trip going? I haven’t heard from you in a while.
D: “Uh, um I cut the trip short and am on my way to the airport” (classical music blaring in the back round)
T: Dad, turn the music down, I can barely hear you!
D: You are breaking up Tay, STAND STILL!
T: *taps fingers on desk*, “Is something wrong? Why are you coming back early?”
D: “Da Da…. Da Da…, I have a meeting tomorrow morning early in Rivonia. Have you bought a bed yet? Can I bunk with you for the night?”
T: Dad, you know I haven’t bought a bed yet, otherwise you could have stayed with the greatest of pleasure”
D: “Oh (mild disappointment), thought I would take a chance anyway”
T: “Sorry Dad”
D: “Okay Tay, got to go, chat soon” *Click

And here I thought he called because he missed me – HA! Phone call no.2 at 19h30 last night:

T: Hey Dad, how is it going?
D: “ Hello my darling daughter, how are you? (thumping music in the back round)
T: “Dad, where are you? Jozi?
D: “I am in Port Elizabeth, having a drink in a pub and thought I would call because I miss you and this travelling is kak! I miss home and my fiancé’
T: Erm… Dad, I thought you said you were heading back to Jo’burg? And why not call your Fiancé’?
D: “Couldn’t find a place to stay in Jo’burg and you don’t have a bed (annoyed). Fiancé’ is not answering her phone. I miss her” **Music gets louder and people are giggling
T: Dad, are you alone?
D: “Tay, don’t be ridiculous, of course I am alone!” **Giggling reaches ear bursting levels.
T: "I will see you this weekend when I come through to fetch the rest of my stuff”
D: “Oh yay, miss you my darling daughter”
T: "I am your only daughter…."
D: "Okay Tay, got to go, Fiancé’ is calling, see you Saturday, Bye”

I feel so used…..


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angel said...

lol... at least he calls you!