Monday, October 6, 2008

Domestic Bliss

I am loving my new little place and have had an absolute ball buying crap to furnish it. Ah the sweet joys of buying things just because you can...The guest room looks like a bomb has hit it but will work through it systematically as I find the time.

Friday evening I had drinks and dinner with "Hottie", was nice and relaxing especially after a hard day unpacking all the shit I have accumulated! Honestly it's bizarre how much crap one person can have.

Yesterday I went to Sexpo - what an experience! The good old credit card did some serious work and I got to see the dude who paints pictures with his dick - amusing to say the least!

Next weekend I am off to the elephant sanctuary to chill with the elephants for the day, really am so excited! Hottie thought it might be a fun day out - sweet! However still have to get through this week.... urg!

Right, need to do more shopping!


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