Friday, October 17, 2008

A Flush What?

Last night Hottie and I had dinner with his friends. Well… what an entertaining evening to say the least!

Breakdown as follows:

The Best Friend: A small guy who got married because he had to and is due to be a father in 2 months time. He got his wife pregnant 3 times of which on all 3 occasions she miscarried until now. (Super sperm – I think so)

The Best Friends Wife: Heavily pregnant and completely his opposite. She is friendly and outgoing but tends to be highly insecure, which at first I attributed to the pregnancy, but was later told this is how she is – all… the…. time. She has a son from a previous relationship and this beautiful little boy has ADHD.

The Other Best Friend: Complete introvert who is going prematurely bald. He is super clever and doing his doctorate in pharmacology. He has a dodgy, young girlfriend. Hottie says that they have been together for ages and have a severe love hate relationship. He basically keeps her around because he’s worried he will never get laid again or find a companion……

The Other Best Friend’s Girlfriend: Young, immature and rude. The silly bitch arrived at the house in a mini and shiny tank top with killer stiletto’s…… we were having a braai….??? Was kak funny every time her heels planted themselves firmly in the ground, making her stumble several times.

We eventually decided to play poker (my knowledge of this card game is dismal) and I won twice. Still not grasping the whole flush, king high, blah blah….. but am determined to get the hang of it for the next poker night. I fully intend to kick some poker arse!!!!!

Anyhoo, Silly Bitch started getting a tad loud – her laugh sounded like a hyena with a twig up its arse. Hottie was getting visibly annoyed as was her boyfriend and the rest of the crowd. It was after Silly Bitch called Hottie “My Chicken” and offered to repay him in any way for a loan of chips, that he called it a night…..

Have been calling Hottie “Chicken” at every opportunity, much to his disgust *grin*

Happy Friday!!



angel said...

oy, she does sound like a tart!

oops, did i type that out loud?

erm... odd question maybe? how does the bf's wife cope with her son's adhd? just curious being a mom to an ADHDer myself...

Tay said...

Hee hee, Angel it was something to behold! I have been meaning to send you a note because I know you are a mom to Damien (and he has ADHD?)

The wife has put the little guy (he is 6/7) on Ritalin. Honestly I am not sure how she handles it. When I was there she seemed very attentive and explained that they have him on a special diet now (No sweets etc).