Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Office Bitch

What is about the corporate world that no matter where you work or for whom, guaranteed there is always an office bitch!

They are nosy as hell, always trying to nail your arse and permanently pissing off those around them.

I have dubbed the one in our office “Nazi” and believe you me this little cow lives up to her name.

How she made it into our division is beyond me, although there was some talk about her sleeping with the boss. I have tried to be nice, ignore her but nothing seems to work. The mere sight of her in the mornings is enough to make me want to climb the walls.

We dare not eat in front of her or take out our lunch because true as shit she will come begging for your one and only muffin. She shouts and screams at the top of lungs and is now on her third office phone due to the thing being thrown around and manhandled.

If I have to hear one more time how broke she is I will shit myself… She whines….. a lot!

The worst is that she has the boss wrapped around her finger and he is grooming her for a higher management position **gag**. She gets away with murder and everyone else is so shit scared of her.

I am bitching this morning, I know. I just have never had an individual irritate me as much as this one.

In other news, Hottie cooked me supper again last night (this is becoming a habit) and has booked me into a spa for a 4 hour pampering session on Saturday….. bless him!



angel said...

yay for you and hottie!

as for the other cow, i have one too!

DT said...

What a lovely man! You lucky girl!
As for the snot nosed cow - I always find a deliberating fake grin kills the pain somewhat!
Dont even try to find common ground with someone like that - it always results in a waste of energy!

Tay said...

@ Angel: Hee hee, it's nice that someone is rooting for us. Feel like a complete traitor sometimes!

@ DT: The fake grin will be put into action today! As for the common ground thing - there is none. As she puts it, I am "pink anf fluffy" and she is quote: "A new age woman" whatever the hell that is!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

She actually sounds like someone I know...hmm..wonder if it's the same person! LOL
If it isn't...dude...I know someone like that and OH.MY.GOD!! IT'S NAUSEATING...especially the part about being so "tight" with the boss...it's like: We can all see this little cow's evil ways...what is wrong with you Management??