Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stalker Alert….

So…. There is this dude in my office who is freaking me out completely.
He started here roughly a month ago and at first I barely noticed him.
“The Stalker” obviously had other ideas….

It started subtly at first. We would greet each other in passing or when making coffee in the kitchen. Within a week, stalker was waiting for me in the mornings when I arrived at work and would then promptly offer to carry my laptop……I wasn’t too worried the first time it happened, thought it purely coincidental. However this has now been happening every fucking day this week. *Shudder*

He waits for me when I am leaving in the afternoons too and has now developed the annoying habit of following me when I go outside to have a smoke. Hottie is not amused of course and caught the stalker checking out my derrière yesterday. (Too funny)

Thing is “The Stalker” is married, fat and balding….. not exactly your catch of the month!
Hottie has now undertaken to be my body guard *grin* and every time “The Stalker” attempts to get close and sees Hottie, he does a quick detour…. Hysterical!

Anyhoo, 7 more days until my visit to the poen doctor – urgh! I have mentally prepared myself for both possible options (My ulcer has awoken from the dead in the process). Option A - Everything is fine and I am in the clear (Have MANY celebratory drinks). Option B – I need another op and should REALLY start a family soon. (Have MANY drinks to curb the shock).

I am so excited about my trip to the spa on Saturday. Have rather an embarrassing confession to make though. I have never EVER been to a spa nor have I ever had a professional massage. It’s going to be a first for me and I really cannot wait.



The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thank God for hottie...that's just plain creepy. Have you spoken to your boss about it?

I'm sure the gynae will be just fine...holding thumbs and as for the spa...well, I always like to say: better late; than never!

Tay said...

Blondie, believe you me Hottie is my hero at this stage! Haven't spoken to the boss... yet! He is not exactly approachable when it comes to such things!

Thank you for the well wishes sweets! I am convinced that I will enjoy the spa so much, going to make it a monthly ritual!

Hope you feeling better ;-)

po said...

er, not cool about the stalker. I hope it doesnt start getting really weird! good luck for the gynae thingy though, goodness!

Tay said...

Po, this guy is bizarre! 30 minutes ago he came to get a smoke from me because he has run out..... erm whatever!

Thanks for the well wishes :-)

angel said...

ouch... thats gross!