Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Future Mommy in the making..

I must apologise for not posting the last while. It has been a shitty few days, both personally and work wise!

Will start with Friday’s appointment. I am okay (I think). Mr Gynae was satisfied with my progress after the last op and my test results are due on Friday *wipe forehead nervously*.

HOWEVER….. (Start dramatic music) Mr Gynae sat me down and had a long chat to me about the future of my va-jayjay. Basically I am high risk. There is no guarantee that I will not get sick again although I may be fine. The clincher however is that because of the severity of my last operation, I may have complications in pregnancy. To add insult to injury, should I fall ill again, that’s it – almost certain hysterectomy.

In a nutshell: Don’t get pregnant soon and stand the chance of never having kids. Or fall pregnant….. (Again that tequila is sounding pretty good now). Thing is I really REALLY want to be a mom and in 4 weeks I turn 27…. Yes I am still young but apparently my vajay-jay isn’t!

Hottie was with me after the appointment and later that evening we chatted about what Mr Gynae said. It was then that he promptly turned around and said: ”Well then lets get pregnant. I know you are the woman I am going to marry soon anyway”. It would be an understatement to say I choked on the wine I was drinking and then sat there speechless for an undetermined amount of time. WTF????

The rest of the weekend was followed by watching rugga at the Keg, where for the first time in my little life, I won stuff just because I was drinking gin and dry lemon – whoop whoop!! On Sunday Hottie arrived at the house with two gifts. The first was the book “What to expect when you are expecting” and the second a beautiful set of white gold earrings! Ahhhhhhh

The rest of the week has been work work work and finalising all the details for the year end function I had to put together in a week for 300 people. The theme is a beach party (Not my choice for the record). Decided I am going to hire a hawain girls outfit – just for shits and giggles!


PS. Thank you to all those for the kind messages and comments! Mwah!


DT said...

Gosh that is quite hectic! I was also told something quite harsh many years ago along the same lines and did all I could not to think about it - eventually I went to a different Gynae and she basically told me that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me! They really do scare you but don't underestimate your strength and youth. Glad you are okay!
btw that man of yours sounds amazing!!

po said...

Um that is quite insane, talk about having decisions forced upon you!

Sheesh good luck with whatever you decide.

Ches said...

Hell Tay...not lekker hey, shame. Good luck.

Being Brazen said...

WOW, thats very hectic news to hear.

Its kind of exciting that you are thinking of having a baby now...very very cool. Your man sounds wonderful and supportive. Good luck with everything.

Look forward to hearing what happnes next :)

angel said...

omg... i sommer got goosebumps! he really is a hottie isn't he, and i haven't even seen him!?!!

Tay said...

Thanks to all of you for the kind comments and support!!! Really is much appreciated!!!