Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Move in ....move out?

My week started off with management training hence the lack of posting. The course was awesome however, my boss was attending with me and this proved to be somewhat challenging. You see, he is still barely able to walk and on crutches after the motorbike accident he had in August. Enter Nurse Tay….. I was the chosen one!

I had to carry around his crutches and pour him tea and make sure he had serviettes and open his files….. the list goes on. Am positive this isn’t in my job description! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind helping people in need but seriously, thank goodness he didn’t have a bell to ring or I would have considered jumping off the balcony! His poor wife….

In other news…. I am confused. Not sure what has happened to me the last few days. Hottie and I are in a funny place. He has been staying at my place for almost 3 weeks now and in general things have been going pretty well. Minor domestic spats about toothpaste and dishes but other than that it has been nice having him around.

The problem is, it’s getting too comfortable and we both agreed that he should be at his place at least 2 days of the week too. This has made me feel kak though! Although I enjoy my space and my home, the thought of him not being around is shit! Also, it’s a bit soon for him to be moving in….. I think. Crap! Not sure what I want right now.

On Saturday, Hottie and I went to SG’s birthday – great fun! I had far too many Cosmo’s and it wasn’t long before the girls and I were on a role! Everyone liked Hottie which was a relief, but expected I guess.

I still need to finish my Christmas shopping! Hottie will be dressing up as Father Christmas for his baby sisters on Christmas eve – sweet!! Perhaps I should look into find a naughty elf costume… just saying, hee hee!

Come on Friday, Novemberitis has set in completely!



angel said...

well... to be honest... if damien's school and my own insecurities hadn't been a factor, i woulda prolly moved in with my glugs after a couple of months!
we spent every single weekend with him before we did.

Tay said...

Seriously Angel? That is good to know because honestly I feel as though it would be the right thing. Hottie is with me pretty much 24/7!