Friday, November 21, 2008

Rambling on...

Eeek, a whole week and only one post – what a disgrace! It has been such a chaotic week, between work, hospitals and running around with Hottie.

I have started reading the book “What to expect when you are expecting” – an awesome read for any mother to be. Little thoughts have started popping into my head though, like what if I am a shit mom or will I be able to provide everything my (Sorry, OUR) baby needs?

Hectic thoughts trust me. I haven’t managed to speak to my dad yet, which is frustrating the hell out of me. Someone said to me yesterday “Why don’t you just get pregnant and then tell your dad?” Not sure really. Maybe because it’s the honourable thing to do in terms of telling him first?

Anyhoo, this morning on the way to work, a Merc drove past me with a huge sticker on the bumper saying “ Look what Jesus gave me” erm….. this bugged me. Surely people aren’t shallow enough to believe that if you have faith or belong to a certain religion, you receive a nice car? I’m just saying…..

The weekend ahead is another busy one. In fact, I only have one free weekend until January. Tonight, Hottie and I are going to grab a movie and dinner. I have not been to a movie in nearly 5 years (Don’t ask). Tomorrow it’s birthday gift shopping for Hottie’s baby sister and Stepfather followed by a Birthday party for my friend SG.

Sunday, we are off to the farm and I get to hang with chickens and pigs and geese and stuff, hee hee!

Completely off the topic…. My mom and I have been building a garden of remembrance for my brother who died 9 years ago. The plaque we had done at the local church was stolen (Shocking) so we decided to build our own garden with our own plaque. Yesterday we were getting quotes from people who have been family friends for years and would you believe these people were trying to rip us off. Eventually, my mom found a guy who was so touched by her story that he offered to do it for half the cost. Bless him!

Will explain the story of my brother another day! For now, it’s Friday and I am working half day! Off to a department lunch at 13h00!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Ches said...

Have a good weekend Tay.

PS. my word verification says 'pangle' ?

angel said...

so was it a good weekend? did you get to talk to your dad yet?

Tay said...

Ches... 'pangle' = a bangle that looks like a pan??? hee hee!

Angel - weekend was good and nope, daddy has been away! Looks like the first opportunity I am going to get is mid December :-(