Thursday, November 27, 2008

Skype Chatter with Hottie

Earlier on Hottie and I were having a smoke and discussing a dude who went for the "snip". I jokingly said that Hottie would have to face it one day too.... knowing well enough this would disturb him. Herewith follows our skype chatter..

Hottie: Look I know I said I would do anything for you but don’t you think taking my manhood is taking it a bit far?
Tay: Hee hee, relax babe. It's not like it's happening tomorrow.
Hottie: Makes no difference I now know what you planning for me
Tay: Don't worry. Your balls will be fine, many men go through it!
Hottie: Yeah I know they will be fine, fine sitting in a jar somewhere.
Tay: Oh…. thought they feed them to the fishies
Hottie: Hey hey show some respect… sis on you
Tay: They don't remove your balls babe
Hottie: I know, but still, it’s like having a bag of marbles with no marbles in
Tay: Your bag and its marbles will still be there sweetheart. They just snip something or other
Hottie: OK let’s stop talking about this I think they can hear us because I’m starting to get funny pains down there
Tay: That's hysterical!!!!

10 minutes later:

Tay: How are your balls?
Hottie: They have shriveled up so much I thing they are sitting in my throat
Tay: Ag no. Seriously not that bad **wink wink**
Hottie: I’m having cold sweats here. Yes it is that bad! Firstly there are going to be people looking at my package while I’m out cold and secondly I’m going to be shooting blanks after that. Have you seen what happens to cowboys in the movies when they shoot blanks THEY DIE!!!
Tay: You should be chuffed at the fact that nurses will be looking at your erm, package.....

We pretty much went for another smoke after that - the stress was unbearable for poor Hottie!


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Good grief...I'm surprised he wasn't sweating bullets! Poor thing! Bahahahahahaha - how hilarious!!

po said...

Hehe, poor guy. Reminds me of a pet dog or something :) Does he have to have the snip?

Tay said...

LOL! I was pulling the piss and the poor guy had me in hysterics most of the evening! He doesn't have to snip anything for now. We still need to make a baby :-) Have a wonderful weekend Po and Blondie!

angel said...

oh my word i hosed myself at that!!!