Monday, November 3, 2008

This and That

What a weekend! Friday night I was pooped! Hottie dozed on the couch whilst I watched Tv – nothing major. I was however highly pissed off when awoken by my phone ringing at 02h45 Saturday morning. It was work with some or other emergency – not cool.

Left early Saturday morning for my day at the Spa. What an experience! I am addicted! Enjoyed every single moment of it accept the head massage. The large amount of oil that was poured onto my head freaked me out somewhat and because I have long hair, it hurt. Won’t be doing that one again.

Got the most hectic headache towards the end of the day and seriously thought I was going to chuck in the car! Apparently this is normal – detox or something. Hottie arranged supper and before long I was feeling fine. (Not sure if this was as a result of the headache tablet or Hottie being in the vicinity)

Yesterday, I was adopted. Hottie has two dogs – a small little foxy like girly who is very much the lady and another bigger male doggie (pavement special). They have been staying with his folks because he is never around. Seeing as for the last 2 weeks I have been bitching about not having any canine companionship, he offered his puppies for protection (Sweet).

Yet another surprise awaited me this morning. Unbeknownst to me, Hottie has taken Friday off to be around for support when I go for my check up! Really very thoughtful, especially since I bit off his head yesterday for leaving a wet towel on the floor – suffering severe PMS this month. Honestly, I am acting like a deranged person half the time!

4 more sleeps…. Urgh!



angel said...

oy... thinking of you.
hottie sounds really sweet!

Tay said...

Thank you so much! Kinda think I may have landed with my bum in the butter concerning Hottie, baby steps though! You are the first person to tag me - yay! *Hugs*