Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another general update

Had an eventful weekend which consisted of another fantastic dinner out with Hottie (Oi, diet is going to have to start in January). Saturday morning was spent roaming around for Christmas presents and then we set off for Harties!

His parents have a beautiful place in Hartebeespoort Dam and it truly feels as though one is on holiday when you go out there. We swam and lazed around in the sun with many a gin & tonic. The baby sisters and I spent some time bonding too. I now have Hanna Montana tattoo's stuck all over my back....

After a chinese braai and some family interaction, Hottie and I challenged each other to a few rounds of pool (i won once, he won like 20 times). By midnight I was rather tipsy and full of chocolate cake - a fun evening!

Hottie has a spasm in his back (No.... this was not my doing) so he has been booked off for 2 days. Shame the poor guy is in agony. I am not much better, have stomach cramps from hell!

Off the topic, I cannot wait to see my folks. It has been a while since I was homesick. Not sure if that's what it really is, just looking forward to seeing my folks and spending time at "home".

Tomorrow is GM's (the ex) birthday. I have already written a draft of the email I plan to send. Actually clicking the send button tomorrow morning may be another problem all together.


PS# 14 days until my birthday :-)


DT said...

I love Haarties - it always feels like miles outside Joburg!It is definitly one of my most favourite places!

angel said...

don't get me started on how my diet has suffered in the last year!!!
hope you and hottie feel better soon.
are you really going to mail gm?

Tay said...

Hiya Angel! We are much better thanks! I did mail GM. Not the original mail I drafted, just a short and sweet happy birthday. He responded with a curt "thx". At least my conscience is clear!