Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recovery and Birthday Cake

So today I am twenty seven years old – yikes! I am struggling to figure out where the time has gone and how I didn’t realise before that the years are going too quickly!

Anyhoo, yesterday was my birthday party in Harties – what a perfect day! The weather was a bit iffy, but the kids swam and the rest of us lazed around enjoying the day off.

I was spoilt rotten with many beautiful gifts and Hottie did indeed have a Winnie the Pooh cake made for me. He was rather upset though because they didn’t decorate the cake as he had requested. I wasn’t fazed however, thought the cake was beautiful and the trouble he went to was just so endearing!

This morning he woke me up with coffee and two gifts, the rest of the gifts I get to open this evening and he is taking me out for supper – yay!

Speaking of food, at least I now have my appetite back and the nausea has dissipated somewhat. On Monday afternoon Hottie and I went to the Pharmacy for our pre-pregnancy vitamins and walked out there R400 later – ouch!

Have a fantastic day everyone!



Snow White said...

Happpppppppy Birthday! Awww I love Winnie the Pooh too, it's so nice Hottie had that cake made, he sounds so nice from your posts.

How fricken annoying about the drink spiking, god some people are such low-lifes, I hope something bad happens to him/them, thank god nothing happened to you. Just shows you have to be careful everywhere now, which is sad.

Anyways enjoy your day and your birthday supper.

Tay said...

Hiya Snow! Thank you sooooo much for the b/day wishes!

Regarding the shithead who spiked my drink, the wheel turns and hopefully it nails him where it hurts the most.

I have a suspicion of who the guy may be but to prove it is another story....

PS. Hottie is a peach :-)

DT said...

HAPPY BIRTHADY TAY!! I hope you have a truly wonderful day!!

Tay said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes DT! Hugs!

angel said...

i am so glad you had such a wonderful birthday!!!