Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snapper turtles and Circumcision

Last night Hottie and I were lazing on the couch watching animal planet. The said programme was about a dude (think he may be safrican) on a mission to find the biggest snake in the world. Normally I would change the channel in an instant as I detest snakes (Any reptile for that matter), but it seemed interesting enough and Hottie was rather involved in the whole episode.

The snake dude travelled to Borneo to find his snake... ahem I mean 'the' snake, which was a reticulating python something or other. The drama unfolded as he walked through the forest and along a river where he came upon ahem.... stumbled upon, a snapper (snapping?) turtle.

At that precise moment, SG phoned me and loudly screamed into the phone to put on Animal Planet:

SG: "Switch to Animal Planet QUICKLY!"

Tay: Erm, Hi SG! I am watching Animal planet, why?


Tay: Yeah quite a big one hey? *scratches head in confusion

SG: It's head looks like a PENIS, an uncircumcised PENIS! Whaaaa haaaa

Tay: WTF?

From there on it was fits of giggles, whilst Hottie looked on in complete fascination. Of course it didn't help matters when the penis turtle moved it's erm.... 'head' in and out.

Never quite thought Animal Planet would be as entertaining....



The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh. My. God!! That is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! LOL

Have a great w/e!! x

angel said...