Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weekend update and baby stuff

I am exhausted. I know everyone is feeling like this – it’s that time of year. Really cannot wait for my leave though.

On Thursday, Hottie and I joined the crowd at the Best Friend’s house for poker night! I was made fun of for bringing eats and apparently they were taking bets as to whether I would or not… I was however highly amused when everyone started eating the snacks. (Not my fault the hostess didn’t make provisions)

Kicked arse at poker this time, although must admit I kinda still don’t really know what I am doing.. Got rather inebriated and poor Hottie had to put up with me singing “I am the champion” all the way home at 1am Friday morning.

Felt like shit the next day and had to host another work function – was torture to say the least… By 9pm Friday night, I was bruised, battered and unable to move which lead to me falling asleep on the couch - again.

Saturday we went to a birthday party. The Best Friend’s Son was celebrating his 7th birthday and had pirates as a theme – too cute! The day was also bizarre though. The Wife really upset me at times. She bitched and moaned throughout the entire party and I ended up doing most of the stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t mind helping out. I just think that there are some things a mother should do. (I am not yet a mommy so am open to correction). Things like, being with everyone when we sang happy birthday and talking to the little boy who complained of a tummy ache….

The final straw came whilst we were sitting outside and she moaned about how this was the last time they would have a party for The Son at home and that in future she will have the party at a restaurant. Quote: “The last few times he had a party I was high so I didn’t really give a shit”. Nice. I was not impressed.

In other news, my future mother in law went berserk in a baby shop and bought tons of baby stuff… Premature? I think so! Not even pregnant yet. However, appreciate that she is so excited and that she was so thoughtful.


Ps. 8 days until my birthday!!

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angel said...

aaw how cool is it that the future MIL is so excited!