Thursday, December 11, 2008

You going to do what?

On Saturday I plan to chat to my dad about having a baby out of wedlock. A planned baby out of wedlock. Gone are the days of me considering myself to be normal. This is in no way a normal situation… *sigh. I figure my Dad will have either two reactions; 1) Completely freak out and disown me or 2) support me and be understanding…. Talk about stressful!

In other news, Hottie asked me yesterday what I would like to do for my birthday. To be honest I don’t usually do much. We are having a small get together with friends the day before on the 16th (Public holiday), but other than that not really bothered.

As a joke I said I would like a birthday cake as I haven’t had a birthday cake in almost 6 years – yes, the child in me still pop’s out every now and then. Earlier he sent a message that my cake has been ordered… Ahhhh

Am heading off to my “Dorpie” on Saturday for a farewell party and some time with the folks. Looking forward to the visit and catching up on the local gossip. Have no doubt that there has been a fair amount of gossip about me too…

One of the cleaners in our office came past my desk earlier and remarked at how much weight I have picked up.

Tay: Afternoon, how are you?
Cleaner Lady: Hello sweety

After a pause, I notice she is checking me out from head to toe.

Cleaner Lady: Eish, you are getting big neh?
Tay: Erm, excuse me?
CL: “You… You are eating too much” *Shakes head in disapproval
Tay: It’s just the skirt I am wearing, makes me look big!

She scuttled off, still clucking away at the disgust of it. I am not amused.



Snow White said...

lol a driver I see fairly regularly came in to my office once and said to me "what happened, you've gone like this" and proceeded to make an exaggerated hand gesture of my hips ballooning out, I'm happy to say I have lost weight since then, I thought he was rude but actually my hips and ass had gotten bigger :) lol maybe it's good sometimes for ppl to point things out otherwise we don't notice ourselves, not that I'm saying you haveee picked up any weight :)

Tay said...

Hi Snow White :-) You are so right! I have picked up weight the last few months. Although hard to hear at the time, it is true....