Monday, January 26, 2009

Permission granted….

Our social event at work was rained out on Friday and eventually I left after the lapa flooded – sheesh, so much of rain! Decided to go through to my hometown on Friday afternoon instead of Saturday morning.

On Saturday, Hottie and I slept late for the first time in ages! We then joined my dad and stepmom at the rugby stadium to watch the Sharks play the Pumas. I got see Ruan Pienaar and Rory Kocket and John Smit. It certainly made for a fun outing.

Saturday was also the day that Hottie planned to ask for my dad’s blessing (To marry me). We were both so nervous when we got back to the house for dinner and I thought Hottie was going to pass out at one stage. I eventually joined my stepmom in the kitchen and not even 5 minutes later we were called back to the lapa for a game of thirty seconds???

I was convinced that nothing had happened and that they hadn’t even discussed it, when my dad popped open a bottle of bubbly and congratulated us both. The relief was more than you could imagine. Am so glad my dad gave us his blessing.

In other news, I am 3 days late. I have done 2 pregnancy tests and they are both……

(Negative). Not sure what’s potting????

Will keep you updated.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Insomnia and Embarrassing Moments

Another sleepless night…. Seriously. Wee Willy Winkie is not playing cricket at the moment and I am not impressed. I was exhausted last night and after Greys Anatomy, I had a relaxing shower, read for a bit and …………..nothing.

I was still awake this morning when an earth shattering storm hit Centurion and an sms came through at 1am from a friend, to say she had just given birth to a baby boy. Generally I am chuft as hell when someone has a baby, but this chick and I drew swords a few months ago.

Knowing my situation, she casually told me one day in my living room that she doesn’t want her baby and that if she could get rid of “it” she would. Needless to say I was not amused.

In other news, I embarrassed myself terribly this morning. Just thinking about it makes me want to hide. Although it’s normal in almost every relationship, Hottie and I had not yet shared this particular erm.. thing.

So....... this morning I get out of the shower and whilst drying myself off, have this urge to well… release some gas (Also known as fart). Hottie was still lying in bed and the bedroom door was closed. 90% of the time I manage to let a little one slip and they are ALWAYS quiet. I am not a noisy gas – emitter.

Until this morning. Perhaps I pushed a little hard, but what followed was a loud, although ladylike, fart. I nearly died. I figured that because the door was closed and Hottie was still asleep, I had managed to get away with it and he didn’t hear - twas not to be.

Seconds later (from the bedroom) Hottie burst out laughing and said: “Sis Babe, didn’t think you had it in you, well done” whaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa. Note to self: Sounds from bathroom can be heard from bedroom even when door is closed.

Why me? *Cringe*


Monday, January 19, 2009

Classifieds: 1 x Straight Jacket Needed....

Ta da! My 50th post. Compared to many other bloggers I am still pretty much a virgin in blogland, but either way I am chuffed – happy 50th to me!!

Last week was hellish. Work was tormenting me and Hottie and I were exhausted by the time Friday night came around. On Saturday, we went off to LA’s 30th Birthday party. It was awesome visiting with my friend again and I got to spend some treasured time with her 4 month old baby boy :-)

Yesterday we did very little and lazed around for most part of the day. Out of desperation I lay covered in a damp towel and had the fan blowing on me, just to cool down – the day was a scorcher.

More troubling in Tay’s Universe, is that I have started to grind my teeth in my sleep again. It’s waking Hottie up at night and has been for the last week. The poor guy is barely managing to get 3 hours sleep a night, thanks to my chomping away.

Apparently last night it got worse when I started throwing punches or something. Hottie says it was the most disturbing thing he has seen in a while and eventually grabbed my arms in an attempt to get me to calm down….. Am at a loss for words as to the reason for this, but Hottie reckons the person I was punching the crap out of, came off second best. (Thank you Nintendo Wii Boxing)

I am seriously considering buying ear plugs for Hottie to block out the teeth chomping and perhaps a straight jacket for myself so I don’t injure the poor guy…..

Shit, it’s only Monday!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Countdown Begins (Round 1)

I woke up late this morning – again! Getting out of bed was a painful matter with numerous moans and groans. I am so stiff, can barely lift my arm to drink my coffee! Drove to work half asleep and Hottie wasn’t even there to keep me company (We usually go to work in one car)

Had a serious session with the Wii last night, a whole hour! Played some tennis and then kicked arse at the boxing. I even had the whole bouncing around and ducking left and right thing down to an art. (Whaa haa)

Hottie was amused when I attempted the aerobics (Steps). In order to keep to the rhythm of the damn thing and in time to the beat (It tells you when you suck and not following properly) I used my arms and wiggled my bum a bit! Hope to goodness the neighbours weren’t watching, must look quite bizarre.

My dad eventually responded to Hottie’s sms and I am curious as hell to find out what exactly he said. This morning when I mentioned to him that I was not supposed to know about the appointment, daddy darling suddenly had “someone on the other line” and had to go.

Excited to hear about Hottie’s first day of class and believe it or not am rather envious. Am contemplating the idea of starting to study again but need to still give it careful thought…

11 more days until I can do a pregnancy test…. Urgh! Would go for the blood tests instead but I am phobic of needles and figure the psychological impact will render me abnormal for at least a month.

So with that the countdown begins (no pressure).


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Rant....

Hottie begins his courses tomorrow and the poor guy is stressed to the max. Yesterday I ran around getting his stationary, a bag and even a year planner on which I put all his assignment due dates and classes. (Yes….. ever the PA, I know).

On Saturday we went and saw a psychic lady in Brooklyn. This is not the first time I have done this but Hottie was a first-timer. Although some things she got spot on, I was not convinced by it all, have been to better. In a nutshell she told me that Hottie is my soul mate and we will be married in 2 years. She also mentioned the bitch that drives me senile at work and that I am going to fall pregnant with TWINS!

According to her, they will be girls born 6 minutes apart. But wait, there’s more (Sounds like a Verimark ad). I am going to fall pregnant with twins a second time, a boy and girl. Mmmmm. She mentioned that I would more than likely conceive in July this year and that I would be in a car accident but no harm would come to me. Hectic stuff!

Anyhoo, my dad is feigning ignorance with regards to the baby matter. This sprung to mind this morning after reading Angel’s post (I am sooooo happy for her by the way). Every time I bring it up, he changes the subject or acts deaf. Hottie sent him an sms yesterday wanting to make an appointment to come and see him (I was not supposed to know about this) and my dad just blatantly never responded – how rude!

This morning he calls me;

Dad; Morning Tay
Tay: Hey dad, how is going?
D: Not much news this side, just calling to see how you are.
* Chat about all sorts of crap other than the ACTUAL reason he is calling*
D: So……… I received a text message from Hottie yesterday wanting to meet with me but he didn’t say what time.
T: Erm…. I didn’t know about that…..
D: Well, what does he want? And why didn’t you tell me you are coming home that weekend?
T: Dad, I don’t know why he wants to meet with you and I have plans until Feb, I am not coming home for a while.
D: *Cough* Ahem, well …… so how is the weather up there?

I give up. My dad is the only one that is being difficult about this whole thing! Hottie is trying to do the honourable thing for ME by asking my dad for his permission to marry me. As much as I respect Hottie for wanting to do that, I have a feeling my dad is going to tear him apart….. because he can.

Dad needs to come to the party soon or he is going to find himself outside in the cold. Harsh I know, but he has a choice to support my decision or make life difficult for himself.

Sheesh, what a rant……


Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to the land of the living!

I am so thrilled to be back on my blog! Missed it tremendously as well as reading everyone else’s updates!

The break was a good one but I must admit, I could have done with another week or so. The week with my folks went by far too quickly.

Hottie and I got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas and eventually the whole family was playing tenpin bowling or tennis together – fantastic!!!
I went fishing but caught nothing and promptly told the fishies exactly what I thought of them!!!

On the relationship front, things are going very well. Hottie and I had a little spat here and there but nothing huge. One thing that has been bothering me is that a friend from work went after my man whilst I was on leave. Yes, dodgy I know.

Hottie was working the first few days before Christmas and each day he came home more overwhelmed than the next. Madam had latched onto him the moment I turned my back and went as far as to get his cell number off our database.

I was immensely relieved when I knew she was safely in Cape Town but would you believe it…. She started sending Hottie sms’s. One went along the lines of: “I am lying in bed alone listening to the ocean and thinking of you, what are you doing handsome?” Hottie was disgusted and didn’t bother responding.

It really bothers me that someone who I thought was my friend would do something like that. What completely fucking knocked me senseless, is that she is having an affair with a guy from work too. Guess it just goes to show that you never truly know somebody….

I have put on soooooo much weight, it’s disgusting! Tonight Hottie and I start our Wii Fitness Programme (Yes we got that too). Need to lose at least 3 or 4 kg’s by the time we go to the coast at the end of February (Not much time there… eeeeeek)

Well, that’s me for today!


Psssst. Hottie and I have started trying for a baby!