Monday, January 19, 2009

Classifieds: 1 x Straight Jacket Needed....

Ta da! My 50th post. Compared to many other bloggers I am still pretty much a virgin in blogland, but either way I am chuffed – happy 50th to me!!

Last week was hellish. Work was tormenting me and Hottie and I were exhausted by the time Friday night came around. On Saturday, we went off to LA’s 30th Birthday party. It was awesome visiting with my friend again and I got to spend some treasured time with her 4 month old baby boy :-)

Yesterday we did very little and lazed around for most part of the day. Out of desperation I lay covered in a damp towel and had the fan blowing on me, just to cool down – the day was a scorcher.

More troubling in Tay’s Universe, is that I have started to grind my teeth in my sleep again. It’s waking Hottie up at night and has been for the last week. The poor guy is barely managing to get 3 hours sleep a night, thanks to my chomping away.

Apparently last night it got worse when I started throwing punches or something. Hottie says it was the most disturbing thing he has seen in a while and eventually grabbed my arms in an attempt to get me to calm down….. Am at a loss for words as to the reason for this, but Hottie reckons the person I was punching the crap out of, came off second best. (Thank you Nintendo Wii Boxing)

I am seriously considering buying ear plugs for Hottie to block out the teeth chomping and perhaps a straight jacket for myself so I don’t injure the poor guy…..

Shit, it’s only Monday!



The Blonde Blogshell said...


Oh dear...punching and chomping while sleeping? You must be exhausted, never mind Hottie. Poor doll... if it continues, perhaps you should see a sleeping coach? A little drastic right now, but if it may be a good thing if it does get hectic!

Hope you both get a good nights rest!

angel said...

woohoo for 50!
you know you have to do #100 naked, right?
sorry you're grinding... will a bite plate help?

Tay said...

Hey Blondie, so good to hear from you :-) Last night was another sleepless night, sleeping coach is starting to sound like a plan!

Angel... Hottie suggested one of those gum guard things, talk about killing the romance and we are supposed to be trying for a baby... hee hee

PS. #100 will be done in naked glory!