Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Countdown Begins (Round 1)

I woke up late this morning – again! Getting out of bed was a painful matter with numerous moans and groans. I am so stiff, can barely lift my arm to drink my coffee! Drove to work half asleep and Hottie wasn’t even there to keep me company (We usually go to work in one car)

Had a serious session with the Wii last night, a whole hour! Played some tennis and then kicked arse at the boxing. I even had the whole bouncing around and ducking left and right thing down to an art. (Whaa haa)

Hottie was amused when I attempted the aerobics (Steps). In order to keep to the rhythm of the damn thing and in time to the beat (It tells you when you suck and not following properly) I used my arms and wiggled my bum a bit! Hope to goodness the neighbours weren’t watching, must look quite bizarre.

My dad eventually responded to Hottie’s sms and I am curious as hell to find out what exactly he said. This morning when I mentioned to him that I was not supposed to know about the appointment, daddy darling suddenly had “someone on the other line” and had to go.

Excited to hear about Hottie’s first day of class and believe it or not am rather envious. Am contemplating the idea of starting to study again but need to still give it careful thought…

11 more days until I can do a pregnancy test…. Urgh! Would go for the blood tests instead but I am phobic of needles and figure the psychological impact will render me abnormal for at least a month.

So with that the countdown begins (no pressure).



angel said...

i have personally resolved not to do any pregnancy tests until i am at the very least a week late. the suspense will drive me nuts, but the disappointment more so i think.

Tay said...

Angel, perhaps I should do the same. It is driving me nuts!