Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Rant....

Hottie begins his courses tomorrow and the poor guy is stressed to the max. Yesterday I ran around getting his stationary, a bag and even a year planner on which I put all his assignment due dates and classes. (Yes….. ever the PA, I know).

On Saturday we went and saw a psychic lady in Brooklyn. This is not the first time I have done this but Hottie was a first-timer. Although some things she got spot on, I was not convinced by it all, have been to better. In a nutshell she told me that Hottie is my soul mate and we will be married in 2 years. She also mentioned the bitch that drives me senile at work and that I am going to fall pregnant with TWINS!

According to her, they will be girls born 6 minutes apart. But wait, there’s more (Sounds like a Verimark ad). I am going to fall pregnant with twins a second time, a boy and girl. Mmmmm. She mentioned that I would more than likely conceive in July this year and that I would be in a car accident but no harm would come to me. Hectic stuff!

Anyhoo, my dad is feigning ignorance with regards to the baby matter. This sprung to mind this morning after reading Angel’s post (I am sooooo happy for her by the way). Every time I bring it up, he changes the subject or acts deaf. Hottie sent him an sms yesterday wanting to make an appointment to come and see him (I was not supposed to know about this) and my dad just blatantly never responded – how rude!

This morning he calls me;

Dad; Morning Tay
Tay: Hey dad, how is going?
D: Not much news this side, just calling to see how you are.
* Chat about all sorts of crap other than the ACTUAL reason he is calling*
D: So……… I received a text message from Hottie yesterday wanting to meet with me but he didn’t say what time.
T: Erm…. I didn’t know about that…..
D: Well, what does he want? And why didn’t you tell me you are coming home that weekend?
T: Dad, I don’t know why he wants to meet with you and I have plans until Feb, I am not coming home for a while.
D: *Cough* Ahem, well …… so how is the weather up there?

I give up. My dad is the only one that is being difficult about this whole thing! Hottie is trying to do the honourable thing for ME by asking my dad for his permission to marry me. As much as I respect Hottie for wanting to do that, I have a feeling my dad is going to tear him apart….. because he can.

Dad needs to come to the party soon or he is going to find himself outside in the cold. Harsh I know, but he has a choice to support my decision or make life difficult for himself.

Sheesh, what a rant……



angel said...

oy... so why's he being so odd?

Tay said...

Angel, I have no idea. I know fathers tend to be far more sensitive to things of this nature. It's really making life difficult though :-( When are you telling your folks?