Thursday, February 26, 2009

A proposal

Due to the lack of internet connectivity here, I am unable to post any pictures etc.
For now, I will just say this:


Details and photo's will follow when I get back!

Yours in engagement (hee hee)


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fare Thee Well!!!

Well ladies and gentlemen; I am roughly a few hours away from starting my holiday! Lists have been made and the camera is packed (talk about enthusiasm). Will definitely be taking the laptop along for a blog update here and there should I get the chance!

I went on a lingerie shopping spree yesterday and threw in chocolate body paint for good measure. This will be a first for me *blush*, but figure it can only contribute greatly to the whole baby making experiment. TMI Tay, TMI!!!!!!

Also, feeling complete peace of mind regarding my decision to transfer to another division. Am currently being ignored by the poephol and the office bitch but quite frankly, they can kiss my arse!

Willing the time to go faster now. Hottie’s class was cancelled for tonight so at least he will be home and around to help with last minute stuff! Am so excited chickens, like a child at the moment.

Anyhoo, watched “I am Legend” last night (yes I am behind) seeing as Greys wasn’t on due to the Oscars show. I was so disappointed with the ending. Dude dies, zombies get blown up and chick saves the day. Don’t know quite what I was expecting but that just didn’t do it for me.

Also sat through an episode of “Overhaulin”. Some racer guy had a little yellow school bus that was redone. This struck me as hysterical at the time and Hottie was not impressed by the giggles throughout the episode. Prefer Choppers anyway.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Weird Stuff

On Friday, the poephol boss called me in about my request for transfer. He was like a completely different person, all nice and actually making sense for a change. After thinking about it long and hard over the weekend, I decided to stay until I walked into the office this morning.

I have been working for the poephol for over a year now and have always disliked him. Don’t think that’s going to change overnight no matter how nice he is and whose to say the niceness is going to last?

That said, my decision has been made - moving to the more technical department. At least that will look good on my CV….

I baked crunchies yesterday! The intention was to take a few on holiday with us however, when I look again, Hottie had polished off half of the neatly packed container…..

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day otherwise and after flicking through channels for something to watch, we ended up watching Ghost Hunters. Well…whether it’s real or not, hearing and seeing some of that stuff sent chills up my spine. Nearly had a heart attack when the cupboards started opening and closing by themselves and something said “who is in the house”.

Also watched Carte Blanche last night. Strange how whenever I hear the programme starting, I know for certain the weekend is over. Have had the same feeling since a child. Anyway… was amazed to hear that on Valentines Day there were UFO sightings in Jo’burg, they even showed pictures… very weird.

Will certainly make a point of paying more attention to the skies – maybe I will spot a bright light or something….


Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Corporate Shitpool

Work wise I am in such a shit pool right now it's not even funny. Cousin Murphy gave me a swift kick up the arse and I am not sure whether I am coming or going. Let's just say life is going to get very difficult for me in the next few weeks.

My boss and I do not get on. In fact we hate each other's guts. I think he is a womanising shithead who has no people skills whatsoever. 4 weeks ago, I applied for a transfer. I wrote the motivation and sent it off to my new prospective boss.

This morning, I am called into the Big Chief's office (My boss's boss) and he says they would like to move me to another division because they feel my skills are needed there... Flattering yes. But this changes everything. I would much rather move to the other division than take the transfer straight out of the department and the worst part is that my boss - the *poephol, is now in possession of my motivation for transfer.

I am anticipating the victimisation. It's so bad I can't even eat.

Never needed a holiday quite as much as I do now.


*poephol - arsehole

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Premature Wedding Fever

What a busy few days. Between meetings, Hottie going to class and me searching every possible venue I can find for a wedding, it’s been slightly chaotic!

On Saturday I was spoilt with flowers and a teddy for Valentines day – too cute! We also went to Harties for the birthday party and were pretty much pooped after that. Watched the Sharks play – yay Sharks, followed by a fantastic time with my friends on Sunday, girly time was exactly what I needed.

The last of the weekend was spent with Hottie’s Best Friend and The Wife. They officially asked Hottie and I to be God Parents to both the new baby, Vince and the older one, Tris. It’s such an honour and I love spoiling them both :-) Hottie wouldn't leave Vince for a minute......

Thus far we have come up with 3 favourite venues: Kwalata Lodge, Irene Country Lodge and Red Ivory. I have also been throwing ideas around in terms of colours and themes and even the invitations.

Before long, you are addicted to wedding stuff. It was this morning I sat back and thought for a few minutes that this is actually premature. Firstly, Hottie has not even proposed…….. *sigh. Suppose there is nothing wrong with being prepared especially if I have to plan a wedding in record time…

That said, I have settled on dragonflies as the theme and a burgundy like red with matt silver of sorts. Apparently these colours are cliché but I love them!!!

I have this vision of what I would like the wedding to be like – cosy and intimate in the bushveld. I like the look of a rustic old chapel and warm, inviting reception. Bleh…… my head hurts from all this stuff already.

I also want to be creative and different. I know every bride must say this but seriously I do. Instead of flowers for the tables, I would prefer little miniature fairy gardens / forests with candles in it, surrounding by pieces of wood and stuff.

Anyway….. enough wedding talk. Boring people to tears with this stuff. This time next week I will be lying on the beach with not a worry in the world.

6 more sleeps…..


Friday, February 13, 2009

Wedding Venues 101

I am currently suffering from overwhelmisation*. Feels like I am losing control of almost everything and there is too much going on at the moment. Our break to the coast cannot come quick enough.

Hottie and I have been looking at wedding venues. He brought up the idea of a winter wedding so we started looking at places – erm, just for fun of course.

Must tell you chickens’ I am struggling. Half the places need a lotto jackpot for the deposit alone and the other half are just bleh. Looking for something very particular. Preferably a forest setting (river nearby would be awesome), little chapel, with reception area nearby. Found a beautiful place but the limit is 26 guests….. We are looking at a small wedding, but 26 is unrealistic.

Then there is the debate of ditching traditional and Hottie and I bugger off to an island and get married on the beach…

So my plea is as follows: If you know or got married at a venue you think I would like, please drop me a comment :-)

Tomorrow we are off to Harties again to celebrate Hottie’s sister’s birthday. She is turning 6 and gave us a whole list of birthday present requests including a hamster named Button (cute).

Sunday I am meeting with friends for brunch which I am so looking forward to. Haven’t seen my dear friends in months!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


*Overwhelmisation – when you feel like you are in way over your head. Well that’s my word for it at this stage.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Operation Spend Time On Yourself

Hottie and I made up and all is well in Tay’s universe at the moment. We spent most of Tuesday night talking things out and thankfully the issue has been resolved. Whoop whoop!

I have also come to realise that I am neglecting myself. I do all the usual girly stuff but never seem to get round to the additional things. I am getting wrinkles which I have never really noticed before (Not impressed) and my hair is irritating the crap out of me.

Yesterday I went berserk and bought all sorts of facial creams, eye creams, anti wrinkle serum, the works….. I am addicted to hand creams and must have 4 different ones in my handbag alone. Stocked up on some of those too. My latest favourite is Oh so Heavenly’s soft touch hand cream, it smells delicious!

Operation Spend Time On Yourself is now in full swing and I intend to make the most of it. Even considering chopping my hair off but need a little courage for that first.

I also invested in a thermometer and an ovulation kit ….. the stress is about to begin again. This time however, I am taking it easy and not working myself up or putting myself under pressure.

12 more days until Hottie and I go to the coast for a break. Hope the weather is better than it is now. Felt like winter this morning.

Before I end off this somewhat unstructured post, just want to make special mention of Angel. She is going through an awful time at the moment and it’s sad to know she is hurting. Will be holding thumbs all works out!!!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bokkie se moer..... (Buck... erm... can't translate that)

Hottie and I are fighting at the moment.... and the worst part is that it's pretty much my fault.
I suck as a girlfriend and would tell you all about the said argument but I am too embarrassed and it's very personal.

On Saturday, Hottie was trying to be funny and jumped (fully clothed) into the bath with me. Ten minutes later he realised his phone was in his pocket..... ooops.

I gave him my old spare phone to use for the time being and the next day he randomly comes to me and tells me that he found old sms's from his ex on his phone. Now in all fairness how the hell was I supposed to respond to that? I quietly said oh and went about my business. 2 days later I couldn't resist and went through his phone (Well technically my phone). BAD IDEA. The messages were still there this morning..... he hasn't deleted them yet. They were graphic, loving, sexual messages.

This was not what the argument was about at all, but it's something that is bugging me.

I want "bokkie" as she called him to delete the messages........

I hate this.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Doctor Tay in the house....

For some or other reason I am just not a happy person today. Went through to my dorpie over the weekend which usually I enjoy immensely but this weekend was just…. Bleh.

We arrived on Friday night and I noticed my mom and step dad were very curt with one another. This has been something I have noticed almost every time I am back home.

By Saturday afternoon, the tension between my folks was unmistakable and I sat down and had a long chat with my mom. It had been going on for months apparently and had reached the point where my mom had considered leaving.

Hectic stuff. It was then that I decided an intervention was necessary. Hottie and I arranged for some Chinese takeout, we set the table with candles and all and I gave them the run down on how the evening would proceed.

They would be left to eat in peace and thereafter I would facilitate a discussion between them both. Earlier I had approached each one of them and they had to list things that were bugging them or that they felt needed to be discussed.

Needless to say the “discussion” lasted for 3 hours but by the end of it, things appeared to be a little clearer and the issues had been resolved. On Sunday they at least appeared to be themselves again – YAY! I sometimes wonder who the parents are and who the kids are……. Just saying….

Anyway, the kittens are gorgeous and Hottie has fallen in love with one and me the other, so at this stage there is much deliberation about adopting them both. I have named mine Bella and his we have named Storm.

Suppose it’s Monday and I should perk up later when I get to relax and watch Greys Anatomy….



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kittens and Corn

Firstly, welcome to the new followers of my blog! You have made my day!!!!

My step dad sent me pictures of the kittens last night. Unfortunately in almost all of them, his huge boep (stomach) is protruding into the photo. I would most certainly not subject you to that, so the photo below is a little mangled but at least visible.

Hottie and I are trying to come up with names for the new baby (The furry one). He suggested Storm or Bella. Think when I get to see her I will be able to figure out a name :-)

On Tuesday night, Hottie and I went to have dinner with his folks out in Harties. The girls were really chuft to see us and before I knew it I was being dragged across to a mielie field to “run” through the mielies with them. I hadn’t done that since I was a child and rather more importantly, before I saw “Children of the Corn”.

After some time (It was almost dark), I was still walking ahead chatting to the girls when it dawned on me that they were not answering. The little shits (and I say this with much love) had left me there…..alone. Let me tell you something. Standing in a gigantic mielie field, after the sun has set, ALONE, is not the coolest thing in the world.

The wind made the leaves make a funny rustling sound and for a few moments I completely lost my sense of direction (Damn garmin, never around when you need it). To tell you the truth I was shitting myself and trying not to think about all the damn horror movies I had seen over the years that involved freaking corn.

Thankfully, Hottie started to call out for me from the main house and I could figure out the direction…..Ran like a demon (Ha) all the way until just before the mielies ended and then casually strolled out as if nothing was the matter.
There was no ways I was going to be caught A) getting lost and B) being scared as hell.

Think I am in the mood for corn tonight……


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Neighbourhood Watch Extreme

All of my folks live in the same suburb and they all belong to the local neighbourhood watch. This is no ordinary neighbourhood watch though. They have two way radios and every night each member “checks in” when called at precisely 20h00. There is also a ‘Reaction Team”. These are the guys who mean business (bullet proof vests and all) and when the shit hits the fan, they are called to take care of it. My step dad belongs to the reaction team but has been out of action due to an operation recently.

Last night Hottie and I were in bed early only to have the phone wake us up around 23h00. It was my step dad sounding very disturbed.

Step Dad: Hi Tay, you sleeping?
Tay: *garbled sounds
T: What’s wrong? Is mom okay?
SD: Mom is fine, just a little upset.
T: *jumps up out of bed to find a ciggie, bracing for sinister news*
T: Upset about what?
SD: The reaction team were called out tonight. *very serious voice*
T: Why?
SD: They were called on the radio regarding a suspicious box in the middle of the road.
T: Uh huh and?
SD: Well, they went to investigate and first secured the area obviously (as if I should know this)
T: Uh huh
SD: Well, when they approached the box, (the tension builds) you not going to believe this…… **dramatic pause. There were 3 small grey kittens in there!!
T: Shit, that’s terrible. Are they okay?
SD: Well, the Reaction team safely escorted them to the Reaction bakkie and proceeded to call anyone over the radio that would look after them. Naturally your mother volunteered.
T: Shame the poor little things. Is there any particular reason why you are calling me at this hour to tell me this?
SD: Oh yes, do you want a male cat or a female cat?
T: Finishes ciggie in annoyance*** A girl, thanks SD, sleep well, goodnight.

It appears I have adopted a kitten. Although the thought of some arsehole purposely putting these little things in the middle of a busy road incenses me to no end, I find the other part hysterical.

Seven grown men with bullet proof vests, spotlights and guns, stalking a box and then “escorting” the poor little kittens to my mom (This after waking up half the neighbourhood to find adoptive parents). Long live the Neighbourhood Watch Reaction Team!

Tay, over and out, (Hee hee)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Blabbering on...

One post last week – disgraceful! The fact is chickens’, I was barely able to get out of bed for two days! On Monday I popped down to our clinic (We have a whole medical centre here) and the Doc was visibly worried. She sent me home for two days – strict bed rest. I could not stop crying and just felt like shit.

By Wednesday I had still not started my monthly cycle and Hottie decided enough was enough. He bundled me into the car at 05h00 that morning and off we went to have a blood test done. (Perhaps I was pregnant?)

2 hours later and numerous ciggies and coffee, we called to get the results which were negative. !@*$!!!! So what was wrong with me? By Friday there was still nothing! I tell you, this week alone I must have peed on roughly ten sticks and by Saturday Hottie was adamant that Monday we would be seeing a gynae. It finally started yesterday afternoon……

So it’s three more weeks until our teeny weenie break to the coast for 5 days. I cannot wait. My boss has been on my back since his return and the affair between him and the office bitch seems to have escalated somewhat.

I have also been offered a management position, still in the same company but just to another division. The problem with this is that my darling boss needs to give the OK in order for me to accept the position (It's a transfer not a promotion). Hold thumbs for me…. Please! He definitely is not the most persuasive person.

Hopefully the next 3 weeks will fly past!