Monday, February 2, 2009

Blabbering on...

One post last week – disgraceful! The fact is chickens’, I was barely able to get out of bed for two days! On Monday I popped down to our clinic (We have a whole medical centre here) and the Doc was visibly worried. She sent me home for two days – strict bed rest. I could not stop crying and just felt like shit.

By Wednesday I had still not started my monthly cycle and Hottie decided enough was enough. He bundled me into the car at 05h00 that morning and off we went to have a blood test done. (Perhaps I was pregnant?)

2 hours later and numerous ciggies and coffee, we called to get the results which were negative. !@*$!!!! So what was wrong with me? By Friday there was still nothing! I tell you, this week alone I must have peed on roughly ten sticks and by Saturday Hottie was adamant that Monday we would be seeing a gynae. It finally started yesterday afternoon……

So it’s three more weeks until our teeny weenie break to the coast for 5 days. I cannot wait. My boss has been on my back since his return and the affair between him and the office bitch seems to have escalated somewhat.

I have also been offered a management position, still in the same company but just to another division. The problem with this is that my darling boss needs to give the OK in order for me to accept the position (It's a transfer not a promotion). Hold thumbs for me…. Please! He definitely is not the most persuasive person.

Hopefully the next 3 weeks will fly past!


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angel said...

sheesh, sorry last week was so rough!