Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Corporate Shitpool

Work wise I am in such a shit pool right now it's not even funny. Cousin Murphy gave me a swift kick up the arse and I am not sure whether I am coming or going. Let's just say life is going to get very difficult for me in the next few weeks.

My boss and I do not get on. In fact we hate each other's guts. I think he is a womanising shithead who has no people skills whatsoever. 4 weeks ago, I applied for a transfer. I wrote the motivation and sent it off to my new prospective boss.

This morning, I am called into the Big Chief's office (My boss's boss) and he says they would like to move me to another division because they feel my skills are needed there... Flattering yes. But this changes everything. I would much rather move to the other division than take the transfer straight out of the department and the worst part is that my boss - the *poephol, is now in possession of my motivation for transfer.

I am anticipating the victimisation. It's so bad I can't even eat.

Never needed a holiday quite as much as I do now.


*poephol - arsehole


po said...

Shit Tay, sorry to hear it. Work is dragging me down too. I also need a holiday :(

Soon you will be at the coast...

Ches said...

A change is as good as a holiday, and a holiday is as good as...

...well, um, holidays are definitely worth it.

Hope things improve. Remember the labour law and CCMA are your friends. ;)

angel said...

oh crappers... so the motivation is about him too?