Monday, February 9, 2009

Doctor Tay in the house....

For some or other reason I am just not a happy person today. Went through to my dorpie over the weekend which usually I enjoy immensely but this weekend was just…. Bleh.

We arrived on Friday night and I noticed my mom and step dad were very curt with one another. This has been something I have noticed almost every time I am back home.

By Saturday afternoon, the tension between my folks was unmistakable and I sat down and had a long chat with my mom. It had been going on for months apparently and had reached the point where my mom had considered leaving.

Hectic stuff. It was then that I decided an intervention was necessary. Hottie and I arranged for some Chinese takeout, we set the table with candles and all and I gave them the run down on how the evening would proceed.

They would be left to eat in peace and thereafter I would facilitate a discussion between them both. Earlier I had approached each one of them and they had to list things that were bugging them or that they felt needed to be discussed.

Needless to say the “discussion” lasted for 3 hours but by the end of it, things appeared to be a little clearer and the issues had been resolved. On Sunday they at least appeared to be themselves again – YAY! I sometimes wonder who the parents are and who the kids are……. Just saying….

Anyway, the kittens are gorgeous and Hottie has fallen in love with one and me the other, so at this stage there is much deliberation about adopting them both. I have named mine Bella and his we have named Storm.

Suppose it’s Monday and I should perk up later when I get to relax and watch Greys Anatomy….



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po said...

Hectic Tay.

Sometimes when you are so deep into a situation you need an outsider to step in and point out that things are wrong.

Good for you for seizing control and helping them sort things out!