Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Neighbourhood Watch Extreme

All of my folks live in the same suburb and they all belong to the local neighbourhood watch. This is no ordinary neighbourhood watch though. They have two way radios and every night each member “checks in” when called at precisely 20h00. There is also a ‘Reaction Team”. These are the guys who mean business (bullet proof vests and all) and when the shit hits the fan, they are called to take care of it. My step dad belongs to the reaction team but has been out of action due to an operation recently.

Last night Hottie and I were in bed early only to have the phone wake us up around 23h00. It was my step dad sounding very disturbed.

Step Dad: Hi Tay, you sleeping?
Tay: *garbled sounds
T: What’s wrong? Is mom okay?
SD: Mom is fine, just a little upset.
T: *jumps up out of bed to find a ciggie, bracing for sinister news*
T: Upset about what?
SD: The reaction team were called out tonight. *very serious voice*
T: Why?
SD: They were called on the radio regarding a suspicious box in the middle of the road.
T: Uh huh and?
SD: Well, they went to investigate and first secured the area obviously (as if I should know this)
T: Uh huh
SD: Well, when they approached the box, (the tension builds) you not going to believe this…… **dramatic pause. There were 3 small grey kittens in there!!
T: Shit, that’s terrible. Are they okay?
SD: Well, the Reaction team safely escorted them to the Reaction bakkie and proceeded to call anyone over the radio that would look after them. Naturally your mother volunteered.
T: Shame the poor little things. Is there any particular reason why you are calling me at this hour to tell me this?
SD: Oh yes, do you want a male cat or a female cat?
T: Finishes ciggie in annoyance*** A girl, thanks SD, sleep well, goodnight.

It appears I have adopted a kitten. Although the thought of some arsehole purposely putting these little things in the middle of a busy road incenses me to no end, I find the other part hysterical.

Seven grown men with bullet proof vests, spotlights and guns, stalking a box and then “escorting” the poor little kittens to my mom (This after waking up half the neighbourhood to find adoptive parents). Long live the Neighbourhood Watch Reaction Team!

Tay, over and out, (Hee hee)


angel said...

OMW i just hosed myself at imagining what this looked like!!!
so are we going to see pics of the furbaby?

po said...

That is pretty freaking funny. Kind of like the times when someone forgets their bag at the airport and the entire bomb squad descends to destroy it.

But you get a kitten into the deal!

DT said...

Shame - poor things! What an evening!!