Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Premature Wedding Fever

What a busy few days. Between meetings, Hottie going to class and me searching every possible venue I can find for a wedding, it’s been slightly chaotic!

On Saturday I was spoilt with flowers and a teddy for Valentines day – too cute! We also went to Harties for the birthday party and were pretty much pooped after that. Watched the Sharks play – yay Sharks, followed by a fantastic time with my friends on Sunday, girly time was exactly what I needed.

The last of the weekend was spent with Hottie’s Best Friend and The Wife. They officially asked Hottie and I to be God Parents to both the new baby, Vince and the older one, Tris. It’s such an honour and I love spoiling them both :-) Hottie wouldn't leave Vince for a minute......

Thus far we have come up with 3 favourite venues: Kwalata Lodge, Irene Country Lodge and Red Ivory. I have also been throwing ideas around in terms of colours and themes and even the invitations.

Before long, you are addicted to wedding stuff. It was this morning I sat back and thought for a few minutes that this is actually premature. Firstly, Hottie has not even proposed…….. *sigh. Suppose there is nothing wrong with being prepared especially if I have to plan a wedding in record time…

That said, I have settled on dragonflies as the theme and a burgundy like red with matt silver of sorts. Apparently these colours are cliché but I love them!!!

I have this vision of what I would like the wedding to be like – cosy and intimate in the bushveld. I like the look of a rustic old chapel and warm, inviting reception. Bleh…… my head hurts from all this stuff already.

I also want to be creative and different. I know every bride must say this but seriously I do. Instead of flowers for the tables, I would prefer little miniature fairy gardens / forests with candles in it, surrounding by pieces of wood and stuff.

Anyway….. enough wedding talk. Boring people to tears with this stuff. This time next week I will be lying on the beach with not a worry in the world.

6 more sleeps…..


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angel said...

heh heh...
personally, i have come to the conclusion that in the greater scheme of things everyone's wedding is clichéd to a large degree, especially with everything being on the internet now... but it will never be even nearly the same as the one planned for themselves by the people you invite.