Friday, February 13, 2009

Wedding Venues 101

I am currently suffering from overwhelmisation*. Feels like I am losing control of almost everything and there is too much going on at the moment. Our break to the coast cannot come quick enough.

Hottie and I have been looking at wedding venues. He brought up the idea of a winter wedding so we started looking at places – erm, just for fun of course.

Must tell you chickens’ I am struggling. Half the places need a lotto jackpot for the deposit alone and the other half are just bleh. Looking for something very particular. Preferably a forest setting (river nearby would be awesome), little chapel, with reception area nearby. Found a beautiful place but the limit is 26 guests….. We are looking at a small wedding, but 26 is unrealistic.

Then there is the debate of ditching traditional and Hottie and I bugger off to an island and get married on the beach…

So my plea is as follows: If you know or got married at a venue you think I would like, please drop me a comment :-)

Tomorrow we are off to Harties again to celebrate Hottie’s sister’s birthday. She is turning 6 and gave us a whole list of birthday present requests including a hamster named Button (cute).

Sunday I am meeting with friends for brunch which I am so looking forward to. Haven’t seen my dear friends in months!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


*Overwhelmisation – when you feel like you are in way over your head. Well that’s my word for it at this stage.


po said...

Eish. I am the least helpful person in the world in relation to marriage stuff.

I hope it works out, 26 guests does sound womewhat insanely little!

angel said...

girl- this is my thing!!! have you not seen my wedding planning blog??!?
you might wanna take a look at toadbury and perhaps oakfield farm. the hertford is a favourite but its not cheap...

Tay said...

Angel, your wedding blog is awesome! I fell in love with Toadbury Hall but Hottie wasn't convinced. Also, we are on such a strict budget *sigh! At this stage our guest list won't be more than 80 people. We're trying to keep it small, intimate and cozy :-)