Monday, February 23, 2009

Weird Stuff

On Friday, the poephol boss called me in about my request for transfer. He was like a completely different person, all nice and actually making sense for a change. After thinking about it long and hard over the weekend, I decided to stay until I walked into the office this morning.

I have been working for the poephol for over a year now and have always disliked him. Don’t think that’s going to change overnight no matter how nice he is and whose to say the niceness is going to last?

That said, my decision has been made - moving to the more technical department. At least that will look good on my CV….

I baked crunchies yesterday! The intention was to take a few on holiday with us however, when I look again, Hottie had polished off half of the neatly packed container…..

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day otherwise and after flicking through channels for something to watch, we ended up watching Ghost Hunters. Well…whether it’s real or not, hearing and seeing some of that stuff sent chills up my spine. Nearly had a heart attack when the cupboards started opening and closing by themselves and something said “who is in the house”.

Also watched Carte Blanche last night. Strange how whenever I hear the programme starting, I know for certain the weekend is over. Have had the same feeling since a child. Anyway… was amazed to hear that on Valentines Day there were UFO sightings in Jo’burg, they even showed pictures… very weird.

Will certainly make a point of paying more attention to the skies – maybe I will spot a bright light or something….



po said...

Wow, alien invasion, thanks for the warning, I saw it first on your blog!

angel said...

i love crunchies!
i didn't hear anything about the aliens though...

Ches said...

Crunchies... *nom nom nom*

Dude, I watch Ghost Hunters every a bit skeptical but some of what goes on is hard to explain.

Tay said...

Lol @ Po! Aim to do at least one good deed a day!

Angel - when we meet one day will definitely bring some crunchies along :-)

Ches - Yay! A fellow Ghost Hunters addict! Must admit when hearing the voices played back and seeing the thermal images, I get a little freaked!