Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back to Reality

Greetings all, good to be back! Was completely annoyed when I tried to post from our lodge in Pennington and there was no getting onto the web for longer than 2 minutes!

Soooo, I am engaged. I will not bore you to tears with the details of our holiday, accept that it was relaxing, awesome and memorable! What I will share with you is the details of the engagement!

Our first day there we spent the entire afternoon on the beach and lounged about in the pool. Eventually we walked back to our room where Hottie had planned a surprise. On our private balcony stood a table with candles and a dinner setting for two – very romantic.

Had a shower whilst checking out the ocean from the gigantic window and made myself all pretty. The owner of the lodge brought our meal up to our room, together with a nice bottle of bubbly, heaven! Ate the most amazing meal, fillet with the yummiest veggies I have ever tasted!

Hottie then mentioned dessert which I didn’t think I could possibly fit in and he up and left. He returned with a gift box….. I was so embarrassed because I didn’t get him a gift; accept the chocolate body paint (he was chuft with that by the way).

After chiding him for spoiling me so much I opened up the box, to find another white box nestled in pink paper. He was quick to indicate that he put the pink paper in to make it look pretty – sweety pie!

When I opened up the white box, my heart stood still. Vienna Jewellers. They are famous for their Faberge eggs. It was then that Hottie took the box and went down on one knee and proposed. I cried. He had to ask me twice because I was in such shock I forgot to answer him the first time.


The ring again....

Yeah okay, enough already......

The rest is hazy and dream like. We spent every day on the beach, even went fishing! I was attacked by a vicious looking crab with eery red eyes! Long walks along the beach, food galore and all round an incredible time in my life!


The view from the balcony



po said...

Awesome, what a beautiful ring.

Hottie sounds like such a great guy, so considerate and good.

Tay said...

Heya Po :-) Thanks very much! Am a lucky girl! Glad you got the Cosmo!

Ches said...

Your boys done well there Tay.

Tay said...

Thanks Ches.... I am so incredibly spoilt :-)

angel said...

wow... its gawjiss tay, and so romantic!!!