Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buy a map book next time....

I am back. I probably should give a reason as to why I have been away for a while but I can’t.

So where to begin! The engagement party turned out nicely. My future skoonma went a bit berserk with flowers and even made us an unbelievably yummy cake. The day was a special one and everyone who said they would attend were there.

Well……Everyone except my mom and step dad were there. My dad had a spare GPS which he loaned to them and “Gabby” garmin proceeded to take them on a sightseeing trip around a place called Bronkhorstspruit.

Apparently there seems to be “mine is bigger than yours” syndrome between my dad and step dad and hence my poephol of a step father didn’t want to phone anyone to find out if they were on the right track.

When I eventually got hold of them on the phone I was told they were going home as the day was over and they had wasted enough petrol (It was 11h30 in the morning). To say I was hurt was an understatement and I haven’t spoken to my mom since. The cherry on the cake was when my step dad left a disgusting message on my phone. I was not impressed.

In other news, I eventually bought the Sony camera and must say I am chuft with my decision. Intend to put it to good use when we go to Magalies for the Easter weekend!

I also have some serious shopping to catch up on. We received so many gift vouchers at the party on Saturday that can be put to good use.

The taxi saga yesterday left a very bitter taste in my mouth too. Thanks to those stupid shits, my domestic executive could not get to work and hence I have a mountain of washing at home. I friggin hate doing washing… seriously!

Popped round to visit my friend LA last night. Had a fat chat over pizza and wine. We also discussed post baby sex which had me gulping down the wine a little faster than I should of. Nasty stuff (post baby sex not the wine, the wine was quite good actually). She also told me that apparently the 'in' thing these days it to get your lady bits “revamped” via surgery after you have had your last child…**shudder and cross legs** erm…… no.

Right then, let me call the parentals and be the adult for a change….



momcat said...

Good on you for being grown up about the whole saga. Sorry your mom had to miss your engagement party but your stepdad is exactly the reason why I never got married again. Didn't want an a**hole stepfather messing with my relationship with my kids!!

Tay said...

Thanks Momcat! Usually he stays out of my way and we have a good enough relationship but I was so disappointed in his judgement this time round. Hopefully he will have learnt his lesson!

Ches said...

I's sad when we have to start parenting our parents.

po said...

Um, yeah I really don't think it is your fault your parents got lost but hyeah, I think it is always best to make peace if you can.

Being Brazen said...

ikky conversation - Glad you had wine...heehee.

I dont think i want a natural birth one day

Tay said...

BB - I am with you on that one. Am most definitely going caesarean. Rather psychologically scarred after that discussion!

angel said...

So how did the phonecall go?
I am wondering a little about post-baby sex... few people have said it gets back to normal again. But I doubt I'll have my "bits" fixed!

Tay said...

Yeah Angel, having my bits revamped is a little too hectic for my liking! C - section appears to be my choice at this stage!