Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Help ..... please

I am trying to buy a new camera and stuck between two different ones. Every time I make my mind up I change it again!

This is now driving me to the point of desperation and hence I am appealing to the blogger community for help.

Which is the better camera?

The Sony DSC H50 (15 x Optical Zoom)


The Panasonic DMC-FZ50

For the sake of my sanity, comments are more than welcome....



Ches said...

Tay - From a Wildlife photographer, get a Canon 450 D. Optical zooms never allow for good photography.

You can't beat Canon or Nikon. It retails for about R6000 with a lens.

Hope this helped. Failing that go with the Sony. Better optics.

Tay said...

Mmmmmm. Okay so without trying to sound like a complete ignorant boob, why does optical zoom not allow for good photography?

I love taking photos. Not necessarily of people, anything random, abstract

Ches said...

Tay, there's a bit of mis-marketing with camera companies that don't manufacture their own optics! Sony, Pana, Olympus, Pentax, etc.

Optical zoom actually involves the optics - lense's - being borught apart to create zoom. Like with any SLR camera, or the one's I use.

The camera's you show actually use digital zoom, but they say optical - dunno why? Digital zoom is where a portion of the image, or subject is cropped and brought closer. Which lowers the resolution of the image. While you think you're getting closer, your photo will actually appear out of focus, grainy and pixelated. So...it's not 'real' zoom.

Tay said...

Ches, you are a legend! Now I also understand :-) Thank you! Have spoken to numerous people now, some who actually know a thing or two about camera's and they all suggest the Sony.

Perhaps in a year or two when I get better at taking pic's, I'll upgrade to Canon.

Tay said...

Note: People are suggesting the Sony out of the 2 I have shortlisted.

MudIsland Mike said...

It all depends on what you want to shoot really... I prefer to shoot with as low res and shitty as possible - max personality factor... all this pristine digitalism makes me feel cold...

angel said...

The panasonic would be my choice, though I'm a Pentax user myself.