Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I made it!

I lived through the night. Turned out to be a fun filled evening after all, though only got around 3 hours sleep. I look like shit and the special eye cream I bought for dark circles, guess what? It doesn’t work when you want it to…just saying.

My dad calls me this morning in hysterics about an email he received and forwarded to me.

Tay: Hello, Tay speaking
Dad: Hi Lu (My nickname) whaaa haaa haaa
Tay: **silence
Dad: I just sent you an email, read it now, it’s classic, READ IT!
Tay: Erm… dad I am kinda in the middle of something right now, will open it as soon as I get a chance.
Dad: NOOOOO Tay, now! Whaaa haaa haa
Tay: **Mutters under breath** This had better be good. “Okay one sec”
Dad: Pay special attention to the subject line, okay gotta go bye!
Tay: *speaks to dead phone line unless there is a Telkom lurker tapping the phone for kicks. “ Hi Mr Telkom Man, hope you are having a good day”

Email as follows:
If she hasn’t yet, she will soon!

Ah, too much of humour from the parental.



The Divine Miss M said...

Weirdly my Dad sent me the same one ...

Must be some strange parental thing.

angel said...

Mwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa... your dad's a hoot!