Friday, March 6, 2009

Just Nonsense

Yay, weekend has finally arrived! Although it was a short week for me, I am so relieved to see the end of it!

My mom and I had a disagreement last night of epic proportions. Although it wasn’t about anything specific, I am really concerned about her and she interprets my concern as interfering.

Turns out I was right after all. My step dad has been hiding stuff from her like say um… oh… well…. a balance of R25 000 on his credit card. Not cool. They have been fighting ever since. A mother can't hide stuff like that from her daughter.... I have telepathy or super powers or whatever.

My mom and I have a joint doctors appointment today with some specialist dude. I am pretty much just going to give her moral support and beat my step dad with a stick… kidding.

They should be arriving in Pretoria within 30 minutes. Am positive by that time my mom will be a nervous wreck (she is terrified of traffic in the city) and my step dad will be irritated beyond comprehension with all her backseat driving. Good times.

My weekend is going to consist of some quality time with Hottie, rugby and making engagement party invitations.

Have a good one all!


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angel said...

sorry bout your fight with your mom...