Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let the games begin - another rant

I think I am suffering from some sort of disorder. This week is turning out to be a week from hell and I am this close *shows tiny weeny space with fingers* from throwing a tantrum.

Besides Hottie wanting to invite an ex with the a name similar to that of a cheap car, making invitations for the engagement party and working my poephol off, I now have people staying over tonight.

Hottie’s best friend thought it would be a fantastic idea to fumigate the house today with a 9 week old baby in the house. Best friend’s wife is hysterical and called me now asking to stay over.

So, I have her, a seven year old and a nine week old baby in my 2 bed roomed house tonight – the whoooooooole night. On a weekend, sure no problem. This now means that I have to rush home after work and sort out my “spare room”.

Also, Hottie’s dad decided to be a dick and decline the invitation to the engagement party because he refuses to be in his ex wife’s house and Hottie should consider the family politics and be sensitive to such situations.

Dude…….. you remarried like 15 years ago – GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!!!!!!
I think it is incredibly selfish that he won’t put one day aside for a special occasion in his son’s life – he sucks balls!

Right, tantrum over.



Ches said...

Alrighty then!

Is the Ex's name Hyundai? Or Cherri? Or Tata?

And...It looks like you have a case of 'you, me and Dupree, and Dupree's wife, and Dupree's kids!'

Lastly...ok, have no comment for the father!

Tay said...

Lol! Ches, I think it's Mahendra or something - well I keep calling her that anyway! Yip I have Dupree Syndrome...real bad, really really bad!

Tay said...

Ps. Tata would have been great actually - bye bye

momcat said...

Just tell them "Its my party and I'll do what I want to!!" Seriously when I got engaged my ex's dad wanted to hold the usual family braai. So I preempted that and the ex and I went out to dinner the night before and got engaged before the braai. So there!!

Tay said...

Momcat, I hear you! Not a bad idea! I am still for the braai and everything, just know that Hottie is hurting because his dad is being pigheaded.

po said...

Hon, bleeeeeeeegh. What more to sayM?

angel said...

holy crap... I am so glad I don't have step parents and the like!