Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The after effects…

Got home last night and lit a candle for the Brother then promptly had a glass of wine and decided to make a half decent supper. This might I add, was after assuring Hottie a hundred times that I really did want to cook and that he really could sit on the couch and watch TV. (Shame… too sweet)

I also finally managed to call the parents, calls that I had been dreading the whole day. People tend to grieve in different ways and this was particularly the case with my folks and which contributed vastly to the divorce four months after the Brother’s death.

My mom was doing extremely well and I was so incredibly proud of her. She was bursting to tell me that the local radio station had played 30 minutes of music as a dedication to my boet and that she had taped it for me. I have never been has grateful to my DJ friend.

My Dad, not so good. In fact he has been doing rather badly the last few weeks. Nevertheless we briefly mentioned the fact that we both had a glass of wine in our hands whilst staring at the Brother’s pic and then moved onto the topic of the wedding. The conversation was short but meant the world.

After making a lemon chicken pasta and cheese cake for dessert, I flopped down on the couch and watched Ugly Betty. Sleeping was another story altogether though and as exhausted as I was, I just could not sleep.

Anyway. I have decided to perk up now and relish the delight of a 3 day week and the fact that I go in search of my dream wedding dress on Saturday (Any suggestions welcome)

Also, I am now Twittering (Think that’s what you call it). Sheesh, felt like a complete idiot initially but seem to slowly be getting the hang of it.



Weeball said...

I don't know if this is any help but my sister got married in Feb and found the most beautiful dress I have ever seen at GF Bridal Couture in Fourways (it's just off William Nicol. They have a website:

I hope you find the perfect dress! Have fun :)

Tay said...

Weeball you are a star, thanks so much! Just been on the website now and the dresses are gorgeous! *eyes start twinkling*

angel said...

So how was your weekend? Did you find a dress?
If you want to look for something a little different, try alfred angelo. You can order your gown with your measurements and he has some gawjiss gowns...