Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back off

April Fools Day…. Mmmm! It would have been my parents’ 28th wedding anniversary today. They got divorced – go figure. What possessed them to get married on this specific day beats me.

In fact, I have pictured it on numerous occasions. “Do you, Tay’s Dad take Tay’s Mom to be your lawfully wedded wife? Yes… Whaa haaaa APRIL FOOL! Not good.

On Saturday, Hottie’s mother invited us to brunch at a well known tea garden in Harties. I was looking forward to breakfast especially since Hottie and I were up at the crack of dawn to visit a venue in Krugersdorp.

The venue in Krugersdorp was nice but not us and besides there was no way I was going to say my vows alongside a main road, with cars hooting and zooming past. Not happening.

After breakfast we were offered a tour of the gardens and it then dawned on me after we were shown the chapel, that Hottie and his mom were considering this as a possible wedding venue. Don’t get me wrong, the gardens are awesome and almost spiritual, but it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for our special day.

It was then that Hottie and his mom started putting on the pressure to decide on a venue. After listening to all their reasoning about why I should choose this and that, I put my foot down and insisted I want to view all my options before selecting one final place.

Yesterday Hottie informs me that his mom has bought the material and patterns for the girls’ dresses (they are to be the flower girls) WTF? I appreciate her wanting to get things on the go after I showed her what I had in mind, but what if I don’t like the material?

Think perhaps I am just feeling a little overwhelmed… I have narrowed my shortlist of venues down to two so far and have decided on the colour/s for the wedding. Also have a dress in mind but am having concerns that my boobies won’t keep the dress up!

Have a fool filled April 1st!



po said...

Interesting, my parents anniversary is tomorrow, they planned to get married today too, but decided it was a bad omen. Personally I think it is all in the mind.

Anonymous said...

It is YOUR special day Tay - stick to your guns and venue is so important! It must be so exciting for you!

angel said...

Oh boy... strongs dealing with the in-laws. Are you at least going to tell her if you don't like the material?