Friday, April 24, 2009

Dont' talk to me, talk to my lawyer

Yesterday morning I was quietly going about my work when my phone rings. It was a lawyer. The lawyer was representing the EX and phoned to tell me that the EX wanted my share of the house and considering that I had abandoned him, was thus not entitled to any payment of any kind.

WTF??? I don't think so. I politely told him that my lawyer would be in touch and switched off my phone. Then I sat and burst into tears. Not sure if it was shock or what but all I keep thinking is that I had been honourable, gracious and giving throughout the entire breakup and he was trying to screw me.

I left the house completely intact. I left pretty much everything there from curtains to linen and only took my bed, fridge and microwave... shows how far nice gets a person these days. I have no doubt in my mind that the EX did not initiate this but rather his spoilt brother and his vindictive mother.

So... besides all the wedding planning stressing me out, I now get to worry about paying lawyers and possibly losing alot...... ALOT of money. In addition I have a prank caller phoning at least 4 times a day from a private number and hanging up. Kept poor Hottie awake most of last night due to grinding my teeth. The poor guy eventually got desperate and woke me up because he thought I had no teeth left.

Screw it. At long last Hottie and I have a weekend to ourselves and will be doing absolutely nothing. Yayness!!

Have a wonderful long weekend.



angel said...

Ag no man, I'm so sorry about the pranker and the ex!
Did you have a good weekend?

Tay said...

Had an awesome weekend, thanks for asking! You seemed to have had a good one too!