Thursday, April 23, 2009

Expo's, Cops and Robbers

I have absolutely no excuse for not posting the last while. Call it mental block, not sure.

Anyway, much has happened over the last 3 weeks and I am going to attempt to summarise it all in a few paragraphs only!

My last post was about me wanting to dent Hotties car (moment of madness). It appears that during that time, him and I were just under major pressure and ended up taking things out on one another.

The good news was that we went to the wedding expo…. What a complete and utter waste of my time (and R70). Maybe I am just a bad bride and not with the times, but I felt like I was being hunted by a pack of wolves.

Everywhere I went I was accosted by people trying to sell me stuff and I would be talking to someone only to be rudely interrupted by a competitor and have pamphlets shoved in my face. I lasted an hour…. Hottie was amazing and took everything in his stride.

Erm… next was the Easter weekend break. What. A. Pain. In.The. Arse! It turned out completely the opposite of what we expected. What’s worse is that I have made a big mistake selecting a certain friend to be my maid of honour. I am going to have to diplomatically change that arrangement very soon. Needless to say Hottie and I were immensely relieved when the weekend was over and rushed home the minute we could.

Lastly, Hottie and I had to go into hiding last week. Away from criminals, away from cops. Think perhaps I will leave that story for another post. I just want to state that we did not do anything illegal nor did we even voluntarily get ourselves into the situation. I mean for goodness sake, I have a wedding to plan……%@!#

Okay, one last thing (seriously). I voted yesterday after standing in a queue for 3 hours. Initially I was excited when we got there, however after 2 hours I had abruptly lost my sense of humour. Glad I did it though!

Now for the results…..


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