Friday, April 3, 2009


Yes, it' really early... Hottie and I had a disagreement at five this morning - we are such freaks. No one in their right minds fight at that time of the morning. So I left before the sun came up and am now peacefully sitting at my desk...

I just saw the most bizarre thing... Yesterday there was a "Bed Bug" conference in Cape Town. Apparently infestation of this bug is becoming more and more common. And guess what else? THEY EAT PEOPLE!! Quote:

"they can survive for up to a year without feeding and how painful their bites can be to at least 50% of people bitten.
What makes this problem worse is that bed bugs can widely be found on trains, buses, in movie theatres, hospitals, airplanes, couches and be transported even via the sole of a shoe."

OMG!! YUCK!! I have one of those steam machine thingies so this weekend it's me and the bed bugs - it's war you motherfluffers....

Have a nice day.


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angel said...

Oh lordy thats gross... I'm with you on the steaming- I'm gonna rent one and do my pillows and everything too!