Thursday, April 2, 2009

Point for me

Last night we had dinner with all of Hottie’s Best Friends and their significant others. The Bimbo was there again too and after her rudely interrupting our conversations with the most arb statements, I ordered a glass of red wine to ease the pain…

Have a slight headache today, not sure whether it can be attributed to the wine or to the Bimbo’s unwelcome presence last night. LV (Hottie’s Best Friend’s wife) and I invited her to join us for a smoke (trying to be nice) BIG mistake.

It’s rare that I want to inflict physical harm on someone for being dumb but last night I had to restrain myself on more than one occasion. I have had more stimulating conversation with my 7 year old god son. Please understand though that I am an easy going person and get on with every one usually.

Second glass of red wine later, madam Bimbo proceeds to tell me how I should watch Hottie because he is player….. WTF? I answered sweetly (because I am a nice person) every guy is a player until he settles down *smile*.

Barely legal Bimbo then starts comparing me to Hotties Ex and how I am so plain compared to her. It was then that the patience snapped and with LV’s mouth hanging wide open I casually glanced at my watch and said; “Are your parents coming to pick you up soon or does your man have to take you home at a certain time?”

Game. Set. Match.



po said...

Hmmm, what a luvverly lady. Not.

angel said...

Ooh thats good. I do hope that shut the stupid bitch up!!