Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rest In Peace Brother.

Today, 10 years ago, my Brother passed away. I cannot believe the time has gone so quickly. They say it gets easier and I guess in a way it does but little things sometimes catch you unawares and you feel a stab in your heart that takes your breath away.

I wish I could put a picture in this post of my handsome Brother. He had the most sparkly blue eyes and dark brown hair. It happened on numerous occasions that girls would befriend me to get to know my Brother.

So I have written a letter to my blue eyed boy, guess in a way it’s therapy.

Dear Boet

I wish you knew how much I miss you. It feels as though you went off to another country or something and one day you will be back. Often something happens and I wish I could tell you about it or there will be something that makes me laugh and I know you would be in stitches about it too.

I miss having a sibling, my confidant, the person who would get up to all sorts of shit with me. I get scared that I will forget what you look like or how you looked when you smile. Your photo is next to my bed though and whenever I feel sad I just sit and chat to you. Sometimes I wonder if you are okay and get frustrated that I can no longer take care of you.

You touched so many people’s lives; so many people loved you (still do). Sometimes I get so angry knowing you won’t be at my wedding nor will my kids have an uncle that I can guarantee you now, they would have loved.

I cannot help but laugh whilst remembering the day we danced in kitchen to that “Dirty Dancing” song. You flung me into every kitchen cupboard possible and we laughed and giggled until we cried.

Brother, I hope wherever you are, you are happy and at peace. I know you are looking after all of us when we are least aware of it.

You were the greatest Brother any sister could ask for and I love and miss you more than you could ever know.

Rest In Peace Brother.

Your ‘Sis’


angel said...

That is so very sad... I am sorry for your loss.
My bestest best friend lost her brother 10 years ago on April 21st, to a car accident.

Tay said...

Shame, hope your friend managed on the 21st? It's always rough on an anniversary date.

po said...

Beautiful post Tay. I lost my brother too. We weren't very close at all, in fact I swore I hated his guts, but that definitely was not true.

Tay said...

Hiya Po! Thanks very much! I am sorry for your loss! Whether you were close or not is irrelevant, it still hurts either way!

Weeball said...

That was a really beautiful letter Tay!
It's really unfair that sometimes we have to lose those we love!
I hope your day goes well and is filled with love and good memories to get you through it!

Tay said...

Hi Weeball, thank you for the kind comment! Felt better after writing the letter to be honest!

There is nothing fair about losing the people we love, it does however make you cherish the people around you that much more!

I hope you have a great day :-)