Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nasty Bitch Released

I have been presented with some challenges this week, minor in comparison to others but these are challenges that irk me emotionally as well as on a moral level.

You may think I am being a judgemental bitch, perhaps this is so. To me there is right or wrong, good or bad, there is no grey area. I need to vent at the moment because at this stage I very highly doubt anyone will understand how I feel and I think I am a bad person for even thinking these thoughts.

So here it goes:

My friend LA (the one who works with me) is pregnant again. Her son is 7 months old. Initially it came as a shock to me and I thought I dealt with it quite well considering I manage a section of her portfolio together with another manager. From a work persepctive she will have worked only 5 months of this year! I am now wracked with jealously though.

Believe me when I say I am so ashamed of even thinking like this. Every time she talks about the pregnancy, be it morning sickness or that she thinks it’s a girl, I cringe inside. I am not sure what the fuck my problem is. Hottie and I made a decision to try for a baby after the wedding and I was okay with this.

This morning though I had to exercise very diplomatic control. LA and her hubby are big Blue Bull supporters. They happened to be given tickets to watch the game on Saturday at Loftus (Super 14 final). While I think this is very cool the next part bugs the crap out of me.

Her 7 month old baby has croup for the second time. She was planning to take the child with to the game however, decided against it when her husband mentioned they would be sitting in a box with smokers. Great. Since then she has been trying to find any person willing to baby sit her son and is completely pissed off with her sister for not wanting to take care of him because she has plans.

Maybe I am judging because I do not have kids of my own. Somehow this whole story doesn’t sit well with me.

Suppose different strokes for different folks. Now that I have vented, feel much better. Sweet Tay is now back.

And no I will not be babysitting because I am going to the folks for the weekend.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Need more tomatoes...

I was so thankful to wave goodbye to last week. What a horrid few days, seriously. The weekend was peaceful and Hottie and I were lucky enough to spend some quality time together.

I am ashamed to admit it but on Friday night I passed out at 18h30. I woke up again but was highly embarrassed to be falling asleep at that time on a FRIDAY night. In my defence though, I had been running around co-ordinating an event at work for 400 people.

Saturday morning, Hottie and I got an early start and found a place to do our wedding stationery, very chuft about that. Thereafter we headed for Harties, had a boozy lunch and walked around a bit. Saturday was finished off with champagne in front of a fire and chatting into the night, so much of the romance :-)

I have developed an addiction to tomatoes. It started last week and out of desperation I eventually bought tomato cocktail at the quick shop because I had no tomatoes in the house. I am consuming easily 10 large tomatoes and a packet of cherry tomatoes a day – clearly my body is telling me I have a deficiency of some sort.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So what’s been happening in Tay’s Universe at the moment? Well let’s start with Friday.

My house was completely over run by Hottie’s Best Friend and accompanying family. It wasn’t too bad though; we had pizza and finished off the night playing cards. I also got to play god mother to the two boys which was fun!

Saturday morning Hottie and I were off to the bead factory place in Irene – very cool place and so much to look at. We followed that up with a yummy Wimpy breakfast.

Before we knew it, it was time to go and visit Hottie’s Dad and Cruella De Ville (Stepmother). His father I can tolerate, but she is like something out of a bad movie. Thankfully that visit ended swiftly.

Sunday I had breakfast with the girls, discussing wedding stuff – no surprise there. Strange how when one is alone though the mind starts playing tricks. Hottie had gone fishing with all the guys and after breakfast I was left with some time to myself.

I got wedding jitters. Yes. Serious ones like break out in a cold sweat ones. It passed by the time Hottie got home but still, freaked me out somewhat.

Work has been murderous and the clever dicks known as management insist on scheduling back to back meetings which to me is ridiculous because we hardly have time to get any work done.

Anyhoo, hopefully today will go a little smoother and they will leave me alone.

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I can't hear you!

Had to drive to work on my own this morning because Hottie is in bed with flu… As if that is not bad enough (having a sick man in the house), the Best Friend, Wife AND kids are coming to stay the night!

I am deaf at the moment. Not by choice believe me. After a shitload of antibiotics I am still sniffing, blocked and coughing, it’s ridiculous.

The end result of course is that I am shouting when I talk and since we sit in an open plan office at work, this is somewhat problematic.

Hottie: Why are you yelling?
*People in the office start hopping up like meerkats from behind their cubicles*
H: mumble mumble (don’t really know what he said)
*Phone goes dead*

I have now resorted to practiced yawning in an attempt to ‘pop’ my ears and gain my hearing. It’s not working...


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Peace and Financial Challenges

Hottie and I have made peace. We sat down yesterday and spoke our hearts which we should have done 3 days ago if not sooner! Whilst discussing all our issues, we couldn't help but laugh at how silly we had been and stubborn....very stubborn!

In other news, I am having sleepless nights about the bridesmaids dresses. There is no way on my budget that I can afford R2000 a dress and having them made unsettles me somewhat.
Four bridesmaids = R8000 *shudder*, not happening!

Otherwise, plans are progressing at a steady pace. The major things are all done accept the bridesmaid dresses and I need to find people to make my invitations. So much of the wedding planning....urgh! I was wondering last night if I am a bad bride. Most women have everything planned and done by this stage and I am merrily taking my time....

Enough wedding talk...


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's love got to do with it?

This post is more than likely not going to make much sense. My heart is just so sore I need to spill random feelings somewhere. You have been warned!

Hottie and I are on the verge of killing each other. We have been bickering and fighting constantly and things don’t seem to be improving. I realise planning a wedding puts a lot of strain on any couple, but for fuck sakes how much?

We argue about gifts, ties, speeches, the venue. It just doesn’t stop. In the last three days we have barely spoken. It has now come to things like “How was your day” – erm.....we fucking WORK together!!!! “The traffic is hectic this morning” – yes, I am with you in the car!!!!!

Our morning drives which used to be the highlight of my day are now basically filled with silence and Gareth Cliff. Every week his biological father makes an appointment to visit and then cancels. He has no idea who his son is and the favouritism between the brothers makes me physically ill!!

This weekend coming is again fully booked and we will barely see each other. Perhaps it will be good for us – I hope so. I just miss our carefree relationship where we weren’t biting each other’s heads off at every opportunity.

And the cruncher? I am as much to blame if not more.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

**Cough Cough** I am back!

I was off sick last week. Got Bronchitis and can honestly say it’s been a while since I have got flu THAT badly! I still sound like a barking dog though and cannot stop sneezing!

Went for my second wedding dress fitting on Saturday and am happy to announce I have chosen my dream dress and am now waiting for it to arrive from Europe. Happiness is…. *Sigh*

I soooo want to post a picture but have this sneaky suspicion Hottie may know where my blog is and although it’s a long shot I cannot take the chance of having him see anything before the big day. There are only 17 weekends left until the wedding. Hectic stuff!

Further more things in Tay’s Universe are relatively quiet at this stage.

Hope to have more exciting writing material soon.