Thursday, May 14, 2009

Peace and Financial Challenges

Hottie and I have made peace. We sat down yesterday and spoke our hearts which we should have done 3 days ago if not sooner! Whilst discussing all our issues, we couldn't help but laugh at how silly we had been and stubborn....very stubborn!

In other news, I am having sleepless nights about the bridesmaids dresses. There is no way on my budget that I can afford R2000 a dress and having them made unsettles me somewhat.
Four bridesmaids = R8000 *shudder*, not happening!

Otherwise, plans are progressing at a steady pace. The major things are all done accept the bridesmaid dresses and I need to find people to make my invitations. So much of the wedding planning....urgh! I was wondering last night if I am a bad bride. Most women have everything planned and done by this stage and I am merrily taking my time....

Enough wedding talk...



The Blonde Blogshell said...

I think that planning a wedding is ridiculously stressful and obviously going to take it's toll on a relationship! Don't be so hard on yourself hun :-)

Expenses are ridiculous too...ouch!

Have you thought of a wedding planner...they always seem expensive, but they actually take 10% of what you would have spent...HOWEVER, because they know the industry they get special rates, so you end up saving a lot of money too...You save a lot of hassle and time and bickering...

Just a suggestion :-)

I'm sure it will all work out perfectly - just remember that while you are fighting about ties and speeches, you're also making memories and you two will laugh about it one day!!

PS> I'm so excited for you - what a special time in your life!!

po said...

I think you should just chill and do it your way. It's your wedding!

Tay said...

BB- Thank you for such a nice comment ;-) Thought of a wedding planner but I am so full of nonsense when it comes to some things and luckily I have many special people that want to help!

Am slowly starting to enjoy the planning now, exciting stuff!

Tay said...

Po - good advice and that's what I intend on doing!

Anonymous said...

R2000 for a dress is really hectic! One of the best idea's I read about for bridesmaid dresses was to tell them what colour you would like them to wear and then let them wear what they would like!
There is no such thing as a bad bride - you will pull everything together, carry on merrily taking your time, it is your special day!